GA-12: Ads, Ads, Everywhere Are Ads

GA-12 is considered by most pundits, both at the Georgia and national levels, as the only competitive congressional race in Georgia.  Based upon previous election trends, the Washington Post has stated that Republican Rick Allen has a 52% chance of winning the congressional race over Rep. John Barrow.

While Allen’s and Barrow’s chances of winning will be debated up until election night, it is readily apparent that both sides are preparing as if it will be a close election.  This has been proven by the fact that six TV ads have already been released: 1 by Allen, 2 by Barrow, 1 by the DCCC, and 2 by the NRCC.  This is the first time in several cycles that the GA-12 GOP candidate has had the funds to release a TV ad this soon in a general election.

Allen and Barrow do not mention each other in their respective videos and both have themes of being the solution for the problems in D.C. and taking a stand against Obama.  The NRCC and DCCC both go directly at the opposing Party’s candidate by exaggerating facts.

The NRCC’s two videos use a 2009 report to state that Barrow has a 85% record of Barrow voting with Obama. Barrow’s record of voting with Obama has actually decreased over the last couple of years, though many believe this has been due to him being drawn into a Republican-leaning District and not a change in principles.

The DCCC misconstrues Rick Allen’s various government construction contracts over the years, as most commercial contractors and subcontractors have had government contracts, many paid with TSPLOST funds approved by voters, and have had to utilize change orders to recoup costs for providing additional work not listed in their original contract. Often, these change orders are due to either omissions in a project’s bid documents and/or additions to a project, both which can cause projects to go over their original budgets.

The NRCC’s second ad, which I find odd, uses a monkey that has drawn comparisons to Barrow’s use of a dog in his video.

For those of you not fortunate enough to see the ads on TV on a constant basis, they are provided below in alphabetical order, after the fold.

Allen Ad

Barrow Ad # 1

Barrow Ad # 2


NRCC Ad # 1

NRCC Ad # 2

As a side note, the Statesboro Herald will hold a debate between the two candidates on Thursday, October 16 at 7:00 p.m. in the auditorium of Ogeechee Technical College in Statesboro. The debate will be streamed live at their website.


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