College Football Pick ‘Em Sign Up

Its that time of year when we glorify the highest-paid person on campus who is neither a university administrator, researcher, professor or academic; we as adults pin all our hopes and dreams on the athletic achievement of boys; indelibly link ourselves to institutions that we likely have no actual connection with and happily feed a multi-billion dollar “amateur” spectacle.

Yes it is college football season once again.

And what finer way to celebrate that by proving your superiority to fellow Peach Punditeers in the annual Peach Pundit College Football Pick ‘Em Tournament?

If you played last year you should have received an email reminding you to sign up again. If you haven’t received said communique or you want to sign up this year, go here! If that doesn’t work we’re at GO GEORGIA STATE PANTHERS Group ID: 9151. The password is: letsgogsu.

Prizes will be awarded!

Sign up!


  1. Ed says:

    Let the trash talk commence!

    “I’d wish you luck but you wouldn’t know what to do with it when you got it.”

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