Morning Reads for Friday, August 22, 2014

– Emory’s most famous recent residents were released yesterday (and Tuesday).
– Well, the earth may just crack open and swallow us all. Herbstreit, yes you heard it right, Herbstreit favors UGA to win SEC East.
– And it’s about $%#& time, too.
– Slow down folks, Zell’s grandson is a GSP trooper now.
– Read how John Barrow’s (D-GA12) ice bucket challenge may not be all that it seems.

Today’s map of the New Middle East. There will be a new one tomorrow.
– The tale of two videos.
– Another day, another NYC bridge security breach.
– Has our President morphed into Sheldon Cooper? That might explain a lot…
Union threatens “Top Chef” stars and crew. (Remind to tell you a story about Hurricane Sandy & Suffolk County on Long Island at the next Roadshow.)

Random Everywhere:
– Wha???? 65 people who might run for Prez in 2016. (Honey! We’re gonna need a bigger dartboard!)
– Pierce Brosnan turned down a chance to be Batman.

Open Thread:


  1. saltycracker says:

    Re: where’s the love in Fulton ?

    From the AJC – judge might toss a some Fulton co folks in jail over travel expenses;

    “Now Superior Court Chief Judge Gail Tusan has ordered County Manager Dwight Ferrell and Finance Director Patrick O’Connor to show why they shouldn’t be held in contempt for violating a recent court order to reimburse the judges. She’s threatened to incarcerate them if they don’t.”

    So would they be allowed out to testify in the property tax lawsuit against the county ?

    • saltycracker says:

      (Bit of a twist that the county is asking the judges for accountability and they say, not required and that held up in court) 🙂

  2. MattMD says:

    Sorry guys (in the general sense), I had too many martinis before that post. Ketal One is illegally smooth.

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