Morning Reads–Summer’s Swansong Edition

Everyone knows that summer is the premier season. Unfortunately, Summer 2014 Edition is coming to a close.

Time for a summertime appreciation: “Summertime” by Billy Stewart.

  1. A hearty good morn’ to my 4,272,299 fellow ATLiens!
  2. Moody’s predicts Atlanta’s sewer rates to stay the same until 2016. 
  3. The real numbers that spell doom for Michelle Nunn.
  4. Yeah, I know, 2002 Roy vs. Sonny etc…
  5. Congressman Johnson doesn’t like police departments having military-grade equipment. 
  6. Here’s Covington’s police chief explaining why departments need the gear. 
  7. Athens has some big police equipment but there’s no need to worry says Blake Aued. 
  8. Got an extra half billion in change lying around? The King and Queen could be yours. 
  9. Pretty sure the Atlanta City Council could do more on this than pass a resolution. 
  10. Did Coke err not buying all of Monster?
  11. A day in the life of the founder of Atlanta-based shapewear giant Spanx. 
  12. Can the Lame Stream Media ever criticize Obama? 
  13. Krog Street Market and Gu’s Dumplings get some love. 


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