Is Gwinnett’s Red/Blue Color War Turning Purple Hazy?

Spotlighting a part of Jon Richards’s larger post below, Aaron Gould Sheinin has the story of Gwinnett’s drift into multiculturalism. Spotlighted is Tom Rice’s district, which has gone from a smattering of non-whites to over 30% minority. He is challenged by Democrat Amreeta Regmi. While this seat is still thought to be safe for Republicans, the changing demographics of the district presage the change in the state as a whole. Could this be the year a solidly Red seat is lost?

To be sure, this is the first time in a while the Dems have had a good candidate in the seat:

“In the past, many times the Democrats just put up a name and nobody knows who they are and they didn’t raise 5 cents and they didn’t go anywhere,” Gwinnett Republican Gay Shook said. Shook is friends with Regmi and is an enthusiastic supporter of the first-time candidate. “This time, she’s a formidable opponent.”

Rice doesn’t think so, and he points out the other side of the 30% minority statistic: 70% of the district is white, and whites, primarily vote for Republicans. Mitt Romney took the district with 56% and making up that stagger in an off year election will be a challenge to Regmi. But can she pull it off?


  1. georgiahack says:

    Reality is that as an incumbent Price will most likely win, as most incumbents do (this year especially). BUT this is the first time he has had a real opponent in over a decade. Regmi is working hard and has gotten the support of a number of very important community members, GOP and DEM alike. She is raising money and hitting the streets. My prediction is that she outperforms Jason and Michelle in her district.

  2. troutbum70 says:

    Maybe this is karma for the fact that Mr. Rice gave $500.00 to a Democratic candidate in the 2012 Gwinnett School Board race. And yes, there was a Republican candidate that he didn’t support. Mr. Rice should have been gone a while ago in that district. Another poor example of an elected official who has overstayed his welcome.

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