Morning Reads for Tuesday, August 19th, 2014

Happy Birthday to Bill Clinton! Also, it is National Aviation Day and Vinalia rustica, I’d suggest celebrating those separately. Your Morning Reads after the jump…


  • The Happiest Regions In America, surprise Georgia among the least bereft (Priceonomics)*
  • And yet Georgia counties abound on the places being left (Marketwatch)
  • How the Creator of ‘Jaws’ Became the Shark’s Greatest Defender (Narratively)
  • Climate Change forces its first unconditional surrender  (Scientific American)
  • More Money Down Adds to U.S. First-Time Buyer Blues (Bloomberg)
  • A newspaper fact-checks its own right-wing op-ed; hilarity ensues (LA Times)
  • Turning Policemen Into Soldiers, the Culmination of a Long Trend (The Atlantic)
  • Forcing America’s Weaponized Police to Wear Cameras (The Atlantic)
  • Snowden Fears Americans Will Get ‘NSA Fatigue’ (PBS)
  • When data becomes dangerous: Why Elon Musk is right and wrong about AI (GigaOm)
  • Israel, Gaza, War & Data (Medium)
  • Stop predicting the future. Leave that to the robot who’s going to steal your job. (The Guardian)
  • Trayvon’s Mom has some advice for the family of Michael Brown (CNN)


  • This might be just about a Marietta Councilman faking community service hours, but here’s betting it’s more (ajc)
  • A few days later, teachers’ health plans promised much but had less in store (ajc)
  • Barrow County is becoming an opium den (ajc)
  • Macon’s airline service under threat again (telegraph)
  • Atlanta Watershed flushes some employees down the drain (ajc)
  • But the missing backhoe remains among their unlawful gains.
  • Savannah wants to know if anyone cares if the Sand Gnats leave (smn),
  • While the Atlanta Zoo cheers an owl’s return (ajc)
  • And the Buckarama is “higher than ever” (telegraph)
  • Get excited, more unaccompanied minors have been sent to Georgia, (ajc)






  1. xdog says:

    And the rhymester briefly returns.

    5.5 kilos is a lot of opium. ‘Move to America, send home for opium, sell, get rich. Wait, what happened?’

  2. Ed says:

    “Climate Change forces its first unconditional surrender (Scientific American)”

    Good thing the jury is still out on AGW.

    Also, I would miss the Sand Gnats. (I umpire youth baseball and one year the Sand Gnats started a “we are the sand gnats… the mighty mighty sand gnats” chant. The humor was lost upon them but not me). Were the sand gnats to disappear from the Coastal Empire, everyone would rejoice.

  3. Will Durant says:

    Love the idea of police wearing cameras. If Gwinnett can spend $10K per vehicle to issue electronic tickets then $900 per camera sounds reasonable. And you couldn’t have a better witness if and when force is used reasonably or otherwise in the future as well.

  4. saltycracker says:

    A narcissist is happy everywhere.
    A mom is only as happy as the unhappiest in the family.
    Ron White told his wife: happiness = food & sex 🙂
    And so it goes…..

  5. saltycracker says:

    Facebook friend of a relative in Israel: Hamas violating ceasefire with a heavy barrage of rockets tonight.
    Other report – ISIS has beheaded an American photojournalist.
    Put Carter on the next plane out to recognize them and keep his head doing it.

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