Morning Reads: 18 August 2014

10 days until football season.


Now that the primary runoff is over, the Georgia Senate Race is now at the bottom of the list.
That’s a lot of self funded money for GA-12.
I doubt that Richland County is really going to need a vehicle that can traverse land mines.
Well that’s an interesting wrinkle in the Braves deal. (MyAJC link)
Why the Atlanta testing scandal matters.


Eight SEC teams in the AP 25.
Need to know how the weekend scrimmages went?
Meanwhile every UGA fan is thrilled Muschamp is still there.


The potentially unconstitutional things happening in Missouri.
Rand Paul, not really a Tea Party guy.
Rick Perry responds to his indictment.
With Malaki out, will Abadi be able to pull things together?
Your weekly Ebola update.

Everything Else

Paul Ryan doesn’t like House of Cards (spoilers).
Offered without comment.


  1. John Konop says:

    What is concerning about Missouri is the areas in our country that have large numbers of underclass teenagers and young adults with very little hope. The groups are a powder keg for violence….The core problems stems from economics…..We need to reform the education system to promote work skill ready education, empowerment zones for business ie Jack kemp idea, end war on drugs……this is about jobs and opportunity…..If not we will see more of this….

    • Michael Silver says:

      Economics is the explanation. The cause is immigration, both legal and illegal.

      We are now spending tons of money to accommodate Illegals. This money ranges from education to social welfare dollars. That money could have went to providing Americans with a better education and housing, etc.

      The flood of low waged immigrants (skilled and unskilled) suppresses wages. Especially hard hit are teenagers and minority youth. STEM wages are suppressed and opportunities denied as well as a result of H1B visas.

      Then, we get to crime. When crime rises, economic activity craters. Within the tsunami of people immigrating to the US are seriously violent criminals. In fact, Obama is releasing them into our communities (

      The argument that we need more or even continued immigration means that we condemn our fellow Americans to poverty and despair.

      • notsplost says:


        Some clever GOP/libertarian candidates could make serious political inroads with the African-American community if they would propose taking all the money currently going to accommodate illegals and re-directing it to STEM training for underprivileged youths in communities like Ferguson.

        • taylor says:

          What a great strategy for getting the minority vote. Blame the problems of one minority on another minority group. If all those Irish had stayed where they belonged, there would have greater economic opportunities for African-Americans 150 years ago.

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