RNC Co-Chair Coming to Georgia in September

Earlier this week, we told you that Republican National Committee Chairman Reince Priebus will be visiting Cobb County next Tuesday.

We’ve learned that RNC Co-Chair Sharon Day will be in Georgia to support the 14 in ’14 women’s GOTV initiative at the end of the first week of September. She will also make an appearance at the Gwinnett Republican Party breakfast on September 6th, along with Senator Johnny Isakson and Lt. Governor Casey Cagle.

Having the top two leaders of the Republican Party visiting Georgia within a few weeks of each other says that the national GOP is taking the Peach State’s Governor and Senate races seriously.

The interest by the RNC contrasts sharply with yesterday’s news from the College Republican National Committee. The CRNC, parent organization of the Georgia Association of College Republicans, announced a $2 million effort to get out the youth vote in 16 competitive states this fall. Georgia is not one of those states.

We were told that’s because the CRNC decided Georgia was sufficiently Republican to not merit extra attention. States that the CRNC is targeting include Arkansas, Colorado, Connecticut, Florida, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Michigan, New Hampshire, North Carolina, Ohio, Pennsylvania, West Virginia and Wisconsin.


  1. It appears they are in fact seeking out single female voters Under 40 in Cobb. I Instagram’d a photo of a thank you note I received from Michelle earlier this week for donating to her campaign (http://instagram.com/p/roz5vqt10W/). The link to the photo was emailed to me from someone at the top of the Cobb hierarchy with the subject line “Please tell me this is not your posting”.

    As I’ve said before, I’ve met wonderful Republicans in Cobb, but the Republican party as a whole has failed me. I will help rebuild through Michelle because quite frankly I don’t remotely trust “Honey, I mean it this time. I’ve changed.”

    I could possibly support a Republican for Isakson’s replacement, but my support remains with Michelle Nunn because, well, she’s just a good person – and we need those in office. I feel she’ll do the right thing with conviction and after looking at the whole picture. Her intellect, business skills, and political savvy are simply a very wonderful bonus. Her entire career leads up to being the best choice for this race.

    I will feel downright proud to cast my vote on Nov 4. How will each of you feel?

    Michelle Nunn for US Senate ’14.

    • FormerRepub says:

      Bridget, I feel exactly the same way you do…. except I will probably support a Democrat over Johnny Isakson (even though I have contributed to his previous campaigns and worked in his campaign offices). The moderate Republicans in GA are no longer in control of this extreme party!

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