Moirning Reaids for Fridiay, Auguist 15, 2014*

*To save a few bucks, PeachPundit has outsourced captioning to GDOT.*

– Remember the new, secret JournoList? Now they (Gamechanger Salon) want the South to secede because down ‘heh’ we’re not liberal enough. Or something.
– Nunn goes negative; too soon? Maybe it’s a distraction.
– Grandson’s campaign gets another face-palm moment: now Gramps wants a carbon tax.
VDH talks about “That Man.”
Mayor Reed criticized. Again.

– So yesterday was supposed to be a National Day of Rage. Everybody seemed pretty calm to me.
– Fun with alliteration: shills at Simon & Schuster.
– North Korea celebrated the Pope’s visit to their southern neighbors by slinging more missiles into the sea. Huzzah.
– So…what’s in those trucks there, buddy?
– Hillary’s one of many “special relationships.” Eww.

Random Everythere:
Dating advice from your Gender Studies Professor.
– Baseball gets a new commish.



  1. saltycracker says:

    Negative Nunn = got nothing for you, just don’t look at me.
    Her pillow talk has been discredited again and again.

  2. xdog says:

    I meant to post this earlier.

    Eddie Perez, Brave bullpen coach and former catcher, became a US citizen recently. Last night’s post-game show had a clip of Perez and wife at the naturalization ceremony. Good for you, Eddie.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    Except that GDOT, to save a buck and operate more like a business, engaged a business to manufacture the sign.

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