Cook Political Report: #GASEN Remains Toss UP

The Cook Political Report (subscription required) keeps the Georgia Senate race in the “toss up” category for now.  But it seems like the words say they’re seeing a slight advantage for Republican David Perdue.  Here’s the summary assessment:

“…Nunn has proven to be the strongest Democratic Senate challenger of the cycle to date, and largely stayed above the fray while Republicans were battling for their nomination.  However, she is now coming under increased scrutiny on a number of fronts, including Points of Light grant recipients, the contents of her campaign plan and questions about real estate deals. Perdue has led in four of the five polls released since the run-off, erasing Nunn’s early advantage in the general election.  This race remains in the Toss Up column.”

Reminder to everyone:  It’s early.  Show us some solid voice polls in mid to late September and then we can spend the time arguing over where the race really “is”, and quit surmising over how each candidate is positioned.  That said, go ahead and do just that in the comments section below.



  1. Ralph says:

    Georgia is a red state without a single Democrat elected to statewide office in over a decade. Black turnout is expected to be lower without Obama on the ballot. Democrats are pinned down countrywide in this midterm election spreading their funds thin. The other political pundits understand all of this and favor Perdue as logged here:

    But it is more fun pretending this is a competitive race.

    • Republicans got 53% across the board in 2010 (better environment).

      Since then the state has become less white, the Democrats are more jazzed about their candidates this year in Carter/Nunn, and as beforementioned the national environment is better.

      Does this spell the recipe for Democratic victory outright but no I think it does at least point to a high likelihood of a runoff.

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