LBJ Was President For a Very Long Time

According to some sources anyway. The Social Security Act was signed into law on this day in 1935, thus making it so you can safely take out leases on ridiculous sports cars safe in your knowledge your parents will be taken care of.  Most people think that Franklin Roosevelt was President at the time, but your House Democratic Caucus wants you to know that’s not the case.

lbj as fdr



  1. GAHouseDems says:

    Earlier today, we inadvertently posted a photo of LBJ – because Georgia Democrats are always thinking about the 400,000 Georgians not covered by Medicaid Expansion. These working families could also benefit from the 70,000 new jobs that expansion would also bring – and start earning their Social Security. Hopefully, we can be forgiven for posting the wrong great Democratic President who always thought about the needs of every citizen – especially those facing hardship. Thank you for Social Security, President Roosevelt, and for paving the way for LBJ and Medicaid.

    • Stefan says:

      I don’t think you ever need to have an excuse for posting a photo of the greatest American president. Besides, I was pretty sure your point was that all old, white men are pretty much the same and wouldn’t it be nice if we had someone slightly different looking for a change.


      • Loren says:

        “I don’t think you ever need to have an excuse for posting a photo of the greatest American president.”

        They posted a picture of Teddy Roosevelt too?

    • Salmo says:

      Can you at least tell us what college the intern who posted this wrong picture on the twitter account attends so we can make fun of everyone else who went there?

      Bonus points if he/she is a history or political science major.

  2. Rich says:

    “If you call ACA ‘Obamacare,’ fine, but call social security ‘FDR-care’ and Medicare ‘LBJ-care’ and INVADING the WRONG COUNTRY ‘W-CARE.'” — Fugelsang quote that crossed my radar at this appropriate moment.

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