Dear Comcast, you are the Devil and we hate you. Also, sign up for the Georgia Insider!

So if you subscribe to the Peach Pundit Daily (and why shouldn’t you? It’s free. Sign up here, NOW.) and you didn’t get yesterday’s dose of political wisdom and snark, it’s NOT OUR  FAULT. You have an email address that ends in “,” which means that every so often your ISP (which is Comcast, and which sucks) tweaks their spam-filter settings and blocks you from receiving the email newsletter(s) to which you have subscribed.  Even if you have done so voluntarily, and even if you email US and demand to know why we “were too lazy to send today’s edition…” or “didn’t think anything was worth writing about...” -You get the picture…

Sooooo…. to the approximately 50 of you who didn’t get yesterday’s e-newsletter, here’s the web version. You can re-set your spam filtration on your own, or email Brian L. Roberts, the CEO of Comcast (aka, Abaddon, Adramalech, Angra Mainyu, Baphomet, Beelzebub, Demogorgon, Haborym, Mammon, or Yen-lo-Wang -to name but a few) at this corporate email address: [email protected]  Good luck, as that devil is probably busy roasting innocent children for appetizers.

Which points out the risks of political newsletters. One is that sometimes you don’t get them even if you want them. Another is that sometimes they’re filled with pictures of dogs. And still another is that you have to commit to doing them. That’s why I urged caution when I first heard the AJC’s Political Insiders were going to start their email political newsletter. I gave them all the wisdom we here at Peach Pundit had accrued during our foray into that particular venue. “You’re doomed!” I told them. “It will be your death and everyone will hate you,” I added helpfully. But the Cox Media suits prevailed and you can now subscribe to the “Georgia Insider,” which will offer “coverage of news from the Gold Dome to Capitol Hill, including our legislative reporting, political features and analysis pieces from your Insiders.”  Also, utter hell for Greg Bluestein, Daniel Malloy and the venerable Jim Galloway.  Sign up now, unless you access the internet through Comcast, in which case you’re doomed already.