Carter: Cut Waste to Fund Education

Over at the AJC Political Insider, Greg Bluestein reports that if elected governor, Jason Carter will fund additional spending for education by cutting waste elsewhere.

“You see it throughout the government. Everyone knows that it’s there,” said Carter, an Atlanta state senator, after a tour of a DeKalb high school. “We have not done a true top-to-bottom review in years and years and years. And the current administration is not looking for answers into how to make the government more efficient.”

The story doesn’t mention any specifics or amounts. The major drivers of state spending include education (obviously, can’t touch that), Medicaid and other health care services (would be ironic if he proposed reducing spending on something he wants to get additional federal dollars for), and criminal justice / prisons (something Governor Deal has been making a lot of progress on already).

Sure, that’s not everything. Wait, there’s agriculture. But Gary Black has already gone to zero based budgeting for his department. Others have done the same.

Is there enough waste, fraud and abuse in other departments to raise the funds Carter would like to spend on education, or would that be like the wishful thinking that says cutting foreign aid at the federal level would be enough to eliminate the budget deficit?


  1. John Konop says:

    I have a few suggestions:

    1) Replace some of the year end assessment testing with certification test needed for skills for vo tech track students. And use subject test for AP/ joint enrollment track students.

    2) Elimante requirments not core related for vo tech students and make it an option.

    3) Replace gym requirements for students in club sports and or team related sports in school.

    4) Consolidate the governors office staff and the SS office with one staff.

    5) Cross utilize high schools with colleges to offer classes at night.

    6) Increase on line options in school to create more access especially for rual communities to subjects.

    7) Create inter/ co op options for students with local chamber.

    8) Create on line home school option that allows students to take some classes in school some on line.

  2. saltycracker says:

    Waste: like the cost of retiring folks with full benefits in their early 50’s ?
    Waste: like an army of administrators in resort meetings ?
    Waste: Examine salaries /jobs over $125k ?

    Pay teachers more and let them to teach.

  3. Nick Chester says:

    Don’t see where this is different, everyone promises more funding for education. Nobody ever delivers.

    • Charlie says:

      Lots of people have delivered.

      The problem is, when you run on a platform of “more”, no one ever talks about what is “enough” to actually get the job done. Because, frankly, the amount of money we spend isn’t the problem.

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