Utopian Academy Charter School Finally Given Inspections


For background on Utipian Academy and their inability to open because they could not get inspections from Clayton County and/or the City of Riverdale, you can read here and here.


  1. Ellynn says:

    I would LOVE to see the inspection report and any preliminary walkthough notes/comments.

    This is a publicly owned building, and a report can be requiested…

    • Charlie says:

      Saw a news account later that a few fire upgrades were requested, at a cost of about $200.

      That was worth shutting a school down for a week or so.

      • Ellynn says:

        The upgrades were to the fire alarms pre Fox 5. If you make any repairs or upgrades, they have to retest the system, doesn’t matter the cost. If you have looked at my other post on this, there are items that have to be in full working condition, signed off by the designer and/or installer, and tested by an inspector or a state fire marshal licensed third party inspector for any school to have a Certificate of Occupancy.

  2. Ellynn says:

    SO… I did some snooping (so Ryanhawk wouldn’t call me out again) and found this the Aug 11th archives of Fox 5

    “We knew what the deficiencies were in the system. We had them fix it. And so, that was enough for me to say that ‘the deficiencies are fixed, let’s have school.’ Now, the fire chief and I met this morning. He explained to me it’s not enough that I say it’s okay. He has to sign off and say it’s safe,” said Principal Fredrick Birkett.”

    That is a real issue. All alarms have to pass a certification test to prove they work. You get to burn things and set off smoke bombs under alarms. It’s sort of cool to watch, but I suggest you have earplugs handy. No certification on a system, and the installer can lose their installation credintals are the state level.

    However, it does not take 48 hours to do said test. It could have been done that afternoon if you got all the people together -AND EVREYTHING WORKED. So was it scheduling, or did they have to do mutiple certifications?

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