Morning Reads

  1. Foreclosures in Atlanta at lowest levels since 2002. 
  2. But if you aren’t rich and white, your neighborhoods aren’t doing well. 
  3. We need more vocational training in our schools. This sounds like a good program. 
  4. GA CARE scheduled a pro-legalization rally for Oct. 18
  5. Who is surprised by this? The answer: literally no one who has been to Decatur. 
  6. Another reason to boycott the shopping center is its awful parking. 
  7. See how many guns were confiscated at our state’s airports. 
  8. WonderRoot moving across the road for 14 times more space (no typo).
  9. Maybe I’m the only one but I liked going to super-cramped shows there.
  10. Too many big ring gauges.
  11. The biggest problem isn’t so much the lack of “good trainers” it is that there are fewer and fewer boxing gyms. 


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