WaPo: Senate Flip More and More Likely, Nunn Possibly a Key Firewall

Republicans received some encouraging news on Saturday.

Chris Cillizza, writing for The Washington Post‘s “The Fix” blog says Republicans are within striking distance of taking the Senate. 

“[E]ven the slightest national breeze blowing in their favor — and that wind looks likely to be there — will be enough to push them over the top in a few of these very close contests,” he writes, showing his MSM bias.

That only matters to Georgians because a Michelle Nunn victory could be enough to keep the Senate in Democratic hands.

But he doesn’t see bright prospects for Democrats, either at the Georgia or national level.

Georgia’s open seat is competitive because of a terrific recruit by Democrats in Michelle Nunn. She has performed exceptionally well on both the fundraising and polling fronts. But Republicans picked businessman David Perdue as their nominee, countering Nunn’s “outsider” brand, and Georgia remains a comfortably Republican state — particularly in a midterm election such as this one…

Democrats’ best hope lies in localizing races in places such as Arkansas, Alaska and Colorado, and maybe picking off Georgia or Kentucky. That looks possible — but not probable — at the moment.

Perhaps the only real fault with his post is that Perdue is not at all an outsider (if anyone is or isn’t an outsider makes no difference to me, FWIW).


  1. penguin says:

    Is “outsider” a term that non pundits use?

    I feel like it’s attributed to anyone who isn’t an incumbent. I mean is the daughter of a senator, or cousin of former governor really an outsider? I don’t poll on such issues, but do people really go I’ve decided that person is an outsider and I will vote for him/her?

    • Ed says:

      “Is “outsider” a term that non pundits use?”

      I don’t think so. Also, I trust no one who uses that term IRL.

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