Where’s Cynthia McKinney? Try Venezuela

We’ve spent quite a bit of time keeping you up to date on one of Georgia’s recent Presidential candidates.  2008 Libertarian Presidential Nominee Bob Barr won’t be going back to Congress next year.  But in 2008, there were two Georgians running for President.  Former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney ran on the Green Party ticket.  And lost.  And hasn’t been heard from all that much around here since.  So what is she up to now?

No longer able to live off the courtesy of the American Taxpayer, former Congresswoman Cynthia McKinney apparently found a better offer.  She’s now doing propaganda for Venezuelan media according to Powerline‘s John Hinderaker. She’s now blogging for TeleSur, which according to his article citing the Miami Herald is:

…the brainchild of late Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez and designed in part to counter the narrative of regional outlets like CNN en Español. …

The station is also at the vanguard of promoting Chávez’s legacy, paying Oliver Stone $3 million to produce a documentary called “My Friend Hugo.”

Hinderaker adds his own observations including “TeleSur is for those who think CNN is too conservative, and Hugo Chavez was mainstream.”

There’s some other nice background on TeleSur for those who might be worried that Congresswoman McKinney has gone soft or mainstream.  But for future plans, McKinney apparently will be adding “Doctor” to her list of titles soon.  McKinney should have no problems at TeleSur finding information on her dissertation topic, Hugo Chavez.


  1. c_murrayiii says:

    They can keep her. My only fear is she’ll try and come back once things really collapse down there.

  2. Oec says:

    Just HAD to try to find out what ridiculous excuse for a school would consider awarding her a PhD. No surprise: Berzerkeley.
    Except I doubt it will ever happen. Depending on the source, she’s been “pursuing” her doctorate since either 2007 or 2000. And her own website bios make no mention of the school.

    • MattMD says:

      I know some departments at Berkeley have some far left politics but it is hardly a “ridiculous excuse for a school”.

      • Oec says:

        You’re right; that was unfair to Berzerkeley as a whole, even if some part of it did demonstrate poor judgement in admissions. Point is, if she’s been “pursuing” it for seven (or possibly even 14) years (while also running for Congress and POTUS, and blogging about nutty conspiracies), she should have more to show for it than just vague references in her bio. And at many, if not most, schools, her time’s about up (or long passed). Padding her bio to appear a serious scholar when she is anything but.

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