Attention 2013 Peach Pundit Fantasy Football Managers

Fantasy TrophiesThose of you who joined us last year in the Peach Pundit Fantasy football league will by now have received email invites to join us again this year. However, there are three managers who have hidden their email address from me and thus, have not been invited to participate.

I need to hear from the managers of the CAPITALCITY RATTLERS, the Georgia Geezers, and the team called “We Suck” managed by Georgia Irish. Please email me ASAP at buzzbrockway-at-gmail-dot-com and I’ll invite you to join.

In a couple of days I’ll open up spots for others of you who want to play. Rather than have 1 league with 20 teams, we’re splitting up into 2 leagues with 10-12 teams. Hopefully that will work better.

Remember what’s at stake here: The League Champions will have their name mentioned in a post displaying the coveted Peach Pundit Fantasy Football trophy(pictured here). Coupled with the thrill of victory, that is all the reward you’ll need in life.


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