Rothenberg Suggest Rumors Of Governor’s Demise Are “Exaggeration”

Stu Rothenberg is changing his rating on the Georgia Governor’s race to “leans Republican”, but doesn’t seem to being put a lot of stock in thinking moving vans will arrive on West Paces Ferry anytime soon.

…that doesn’t mean Deal is on the verge of defeat.

We’re changing the Rothenberg Political Report/Roll Call rating of the race from Republican Favored to Leans Republican because the race is competitive and Republicans have some work to do to discredit Carter through a paid media campaign. But the nature of Georgia and the midterm cycle should work in the governor’s favor in the end, and we regard the buzz about Deal’s extreme vulnerability as a considerable exaggeration.

I shall now await the #gapol hashtag machine working overdrive to pronounce this untrue.


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  1. David C says:

    That’s some nice spin from the fact that he’s actually moving his rating from “Republican Favored” to “Lean Republican,” essentially conceding the election is closer than he thought it was. If he thought the demise was such a great exaggeration, he’d keep Gov. Deal there or move it to “Safe Republican.” He isn’t.

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