Rep. Ron Mabra Needs Help Dealing with the Media

Let’s say you are a budding, young Representative. Let’s say you have some ambition. Let’s say a reporter comes to you twice, asking about things related to your personal judgement abilities. How should you respond?

The answer: not at all like Rep. Ronnie Mabra. 

Now I’ve met Rep. Mabra a couple times. Each time he seemed like a sincere, genuinely good guy.

But, as the ever-indefatigable Doug Richards chronicles, he can’t seem to speak for himself and just acts…unbelievably.

You should go read his post as it is a bit bizarre but basically: Richards approached Mabra in 2012 wanting to know why he accepted Falcons tickets from the Georgia World Congress Center. Mabra said he’d have to get permission from the caucus leader before he spoke (uh….). Fast forward to this summer and Richards has the same question everyone else has: namely why does Rep. Mabra advertise his status qua lawmaker for his law firm’s giant billboard alongside 75/85?

I won’t tell you exactly how it ends but suffice to say it is not good for Rep. Mabra. The thrilling denouement can, and should be read, over at LAF.

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