Congressman Doug Collins (R-GA-09) spoke at a #FireReid rally outside of the Senate steps this past Tuesday to encourage voters to flip control in the US Senate to Republicans. He talked about the fact that Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) has not taken up much legislation that has passed the House. The stack of paper in the screenshot below represents the stacks of bills that have passed, but have yet to be taken up by the Democratically-controlled Senate.

Doug Collins Fire Reid Speech

Michelle Nunn is taking a moderate/conservative approach to her campaign for the US Senate seat in Georgia, but the fact is that she will be a Democratic team player and a vote for Reid. Just something to keep in the front of your mind while you evaluate the ballot this November (or sooner during early voting).


  1. A very solid point, Nate. If I were on the Republican side for this particular race, I’d bring up the same point. However, all politics are local. Speaking of local, Georgia is 52% female, and we have 0% females in higher office.

    To this I say: “The GAGOP should’ve considered this well before now.”

    For supporting women in office: If not now, when? If not me, who?

    Give this one up and start fielding for Isakson.

    I’ve got nieces coming through who deserve better representation. Now.

      • I’m actually lucky in this instance in that I do actually think she’ll represent me well. She started at the bottom of company and worked her way to top. She’s carrying herself with class and professionalism throughout this race. Yes, I would point to her and say “That girls – that’s how you want to do it.”

        • Doug Grammer says:

          Let’s be clear. Bridget doesn’t care how Michelle Nunn will vote on any issue or for Sen. Majority Leader. Michelle Nunn had all the qualifications she needed to get Briget’s vote when she was born female. 52% of Georgia’s population may be female, but I have faith that most of them will vote on more than just gender. I hope most of them hate lime green as much as I do.

    • Lawton Sack says:

      I am gonna bite the bullet and ask the question. What else could the GAGOP have done? There were women in several races. The voters, including women voters, chose males. Under the current system, we cannot choose candidates at a Convention or other process. It is left up to the voters. We cannot decide who runs and who does not run, either. For six years, there was a woman leading the GAGOP. She recruited and encouraged female participation in the Republican Party and to run for office. I honestly want to know what else can be done?

      • KISS. Go to the GAGOP website. What do you see? “Give us your vote.” Not a call to who they’re looking to represent the party of tomorrow.

        How about John Padgett saying he wants women in the party? How about him issuing a press release that he’s taking the recruitment of minorities seriously by teaching workshops on how to prepare yourself to run for office. Not “give us your vote so that we can beat down the Democrats”.

        Recruitment to and training for office – not an emotional plea against the devils already in office, but written plans and actions of how the GAGOP plans to support minorities as candidates.

        How about some self-powerment? How about some collaboration instead of politics? xx

        • Lawton Sack says:

          Thank you for taking the time to answer. As I stated, I am definitely interested in your thinking.

          The GAGOP is doing a lot of this stuff. They recently hired Lisa Kinnemore as a minority engagement field director. They have a minority engagement team, led by Leo Smith. All of this information is on their website, under minority engagement. Training has also been held on running for office. The finance and accounting directors for the party are both women. Two of the regional directors are women (Karen Kemp and Natalie Jones). These are hired positions. Padgett could issue a press release, but he is actually encouraging women to be involved, from the local level all the way up. Many of the strongest Republican groups in the state are women organizations. The area that is lacking is females serving at the State and Federal level in Georgia, but it is not from a lack of female candidates or female participation. 4 years ago Karen Handel came within just a very small percentage (~2500 votes) from being the Governor of Georgia. Not long ago, both the SOS and the School Superintendent positions were held by Republican women. I don’t know why voters did not select any females at the statewide level this cycle. I don’t know how voters did not select Tricia Pridemore. I saw first hand her hard work as the Executive Director of the Workforce Development. I do know that Jan Jones holds a powerful position in the State House, so it is not that the GAGOP is hindering women.

          Maybe there is a communication issue here. I know that I have seen and been part of conversations about minority outreach, involvement, and engagement. It may not be going out to the general public as it should.

          • Step back and look again, Lawton.

            You’re spouting the party line and defending the status quo and saying “not our fault”. That is a kiss of death in Corporate America.

            Look at the message, who is it coming from, who is it going to. Not “local levels all the way up.” Have Padgett, Deal, and the other top positions incorporate “we like minorities, we value your ideas, we want more of you in our party taking significant roles in how we run our government” as the tag line of every speech they give. If they say it enough times they might actually start to believe it.


            • Salmo says:

              In corporate America, the CEO would just say “we need to hire a woman” and hire her. Are you suggesting that Padgett or Deal need to be personally naming GOP nominations for federal and state offices?

              It is just really silly to try to insinuate that elections can operate the same as corporate America employment decisions. In elections, your vote counts equally no matter how stupid or uninformed you are. Any large business that tried to operate that way would go under before it even got going.

              I wonder if the GAGOP would have an easier time if sexist women didn’t go around on the internet intentionally spreading misinformation?

  2. Lea Thrace says:

    I would like to know how many Senate passed legislation the House has passed. That’s how to really know who is doing what.

  3. Dave Bearse says:

    There’s 50+ pieces of legislation repealing Obamacare in that stack.

    It’d make a great campaign commercial to blow it to bites with a shotgun on a church lawn, what with guns everywhere ‘n all.

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