NRSC Drops $2.5 Million on Georgia Ad Buys

The National Republican Senate Campaign just made a $2.5-million ad buy here in Georgia. 

According to The AJC, the ads start running on Tuesday will air for the next five weeks. I don’t have a TV so I can’t say if they’re on the air yet, and there doesn’t seem to be anything on the NRSC’s website, either. Michelle Nunn’s campaign did confirm the ad buy in an email to supporters sent a few minutes ago.

Yesterday, the NRSC ever so helpfully linked to another ad slamming Nunn, which you can see below. The ad is from the Ending Spending Action Fund.


  1. Three Jack says:

    Well that didn’t take long. Memo ‘leaked’, ad appears.

    I can pretty much sum up the entire campaign for both teams and save all $100M:
    Perdue – ‘is a good ol boy scoundrel who made millions on the backs of laid-off American workers while creating jobs overseas’.

    Nunn – ‘is a liberal gal getting rich off non-profits that contribute to terrorists and she likes Obama’.

    Will either campaign put forth a fresh idea about any issue? Doubtful.

      • EAVCandor says:

        I can’t get excited about either candidates’ campaign or prospects as leaders in the Senate.

        both are meh. Whatever.

    • 3J,

      You’re going to say that neither ad tells you anything about what the candidate stands for, but I’d certainly like to see this kind of ad ( for either candidate on my tv instead of the negative one above. Where is David Perdue’s ad highlighting his career accomplishments by people he’s managed? [Echo-o-o]

      Michelle worked for the same organization for 25 years and grew it into the largest volunteer organization in the world. She is worth every damn penny they pay her, but more than that she took a HUGE paycut when times couldn’t bear her salary. That’s amazing. That’s leadership.

      I hope the Perdue team runs every negative ad early and often. It gives me and others time to debunk the ridiculous claims and time for the voters to see just another Grand Ol’Man Party of No candidate setting a precedent for continuing the lockdown in Washington.

      Self-empowerment? Collaboration instead of politics? Someone pass me a spoon because I am eating this up. Nom nom nom.

      Carry on, gentlemen. Carry on.

      • Three Jack says:


        My point is that both campaigns will waste millions attempting to demonize the other just as happens in most campaigns these days. In Nunn’s case, creating an introductory ad extolling the virtues of ‘self empowerment and collaboration’ as is the case with the link you provided is nice, but it is nothing new and has nothing to do with issues. Might as well have her drive up in an old wood paneled station wagon wearing blue jeans and eating a peach while listening to a Braves game…all fluff, no substance.

        I’m looking for either candidate to offer new ideas that address age old problems on a host of important fiscal issues. I am doubtful that it will happen because both will be in full scale attack mode using the same crap about Perdue’s business career and Nunn’s ‘non-profit’ history. This like so many other campaigns will be filled with soundbites meant to appease the respective bases, but nothing of substance.

        • saltycracker says:

          What is concerning is both believe the majority of voters make decisions on emotional sound bites. And it is a proven success.

          At the end of the day we will take a Disneyesque leap of faith wishing on a star.

  2. Rich says:

    I believe part of the rationale of negative ads is to discourage turnout. It has the opposite effect on me. I would have participated in the runoff election were it possible to vote against both them. Never mind the absurdity of “ending spending” SPENDING so much on negative ads.

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