John Barrow is Not One of Roll Call’s 10 Most Vulnerable House Members

Roll Call, the arbiter of all things inside the Beltway, published its list of the 10 most vulnerable House members. Our own John Barrow is not on the list. Instead he is merely an “honorable mention.”

My Google skills tell me that as far back as 2010 he was mentioned on their lists and I remember from 2006 (his first reelection campaign) he and Jim Marshall perpetually popped up on “most vulnerable” lists. Now Marshall is long gone and every year Barrow seems to easily fend off whomever the GOP nominates. Maybe it’s time to say he is not as vulnerable as people want to believe.


  1. Al Gray says:

    Barrow isn’t vulnerable one bit. Rick Allen is a decent fellow but his business allies have been up to no good and he cannot distance himself from them.

  2. Dave Bearse says:

    Hey, the Dems need their one white southerner in a group of less forty House representatives to one up a GOP with only one black among a group of about 280, House and Senate combined.

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