Morning Reads: 4 August 2014

College Football starts this month! In the midst of my excitement on that fact, I was able to find a few articles on what happened over the weekend, here they are.


In what universe did Richard Woods think this really was a good thing to say?
The life of a democratic tracker, it can get creative.
There’s a qualified worker shortage in Georgia for the movie industry and the roughly $4 billion industry could be in danger.
Long time Braves Broadcaster, Pete Van Weieren, passed away.
Tag readers causing controversy.


Calm down about the Ebola patients in the US.
House  Intelligence Committee Chairman, Mike Rogers, doesn’t think the CIA spied on the Senate.
Obama’s torture comments have reignited the debate.
ISIS is now making progress against the Kurds.
Things are looking a little rough in Nepal and China. Still very rough in Libya, Gaza, and Ukraine.

Everything Else

After last weeks endorsement of Marijuana, the NYT now has ads for the drug.
NASA and Captain Kirk are apparently twitter buddies now.



  1. John Konop says:

    The “color purple” comment is very out of line. This attitude and type of politics will haunt the GOP in the next 10 years. We need leaders in the GOP to say it is unacceptable for the Phil Kent style politics…..We are only few cycles away before this will destroy the brand….

    • Three Jack says:


      He was obviously referring to the color when red and blue are mixed, get a grip. The GOP does plenty to alienate certain groups without having to stretch this line into a racial comment (and I do not support Woods whatsoever before you go down that road).

        • Three Jack says:

          “They may dust off their copies of their VHS copies of ‘The Color Purple,’ but it isn’t going to happen, all right? We are going to remain Republican red in our state…”

          Purple as in red and blue mixed. Get it?

          Not the best way to make a point, but hard to stretch it into a racially charged comment.

          Also there are plenty of stupid comments from pols making stump speeches. Check out the battle in KY where McConnell / Grimes went at it this weekend. Both used silly references to attack their opponent, happens all the time. Rand Paul even stepped in with a ridiculous Dr. Seuss parody –

          • Charlie says:

            I was too well to attend Saturday, but have spoken to several who were at the event. Most were quite confused at his comment, had no idea what he meant, and could best be described as “somewhat uncomfortable” with the remark. And they were trying to be charitable.

    • MattMD says:

      I don’t get why Woods is talking about “red state” or being republican with respect to secondary education. There is also a lot more to history than the U.S. Constitution, Federalist Papers and the Declaration of Independence. Where previous races this partisan?

      He seems like your run-of-the-mill, pandering, South Georgia hick.

  2. I solidly stand with Israel. That being said, Sean Hannity et al is why I will never again turn on Fox News. It’s fear-mongering – not reporting or even being reasonable to fellow human beings. Until GOP pundits can articulate themselves as reasonable adults, the nation will continue to trend more and more liberal. This video commentary illustrates exactly why the GOP is failing.

  3. Ed says:

    I think what disqualifies Woods most (and I’m only somewhat serious) is that he used VHS tapes as his cultural touchstone.

    I say that because to me it shows he is completely archaic with his views on technology and I have little doubt that he would essentially refuse to integrate cutting-edge educational techniques.

    Anyway, Valerie Wilson is the other choice….

    • Dave Bearse says:

      The VHS reference makes perfect sense from a candidate representing the “We want our country back” demographic.

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