95% and 72% Chance Perdue and Deal Lead Respectively; Cool Graphics

Perusing the comments section of an AJC Political Insider post for the first time in around four years, I discovered the HuffPost Polster page.

They have some pretty charts that track all the polls and have a “Confidence of Lead” stat which I think is cool. Anyway, odds are good David Perdue and Nathan Deal are leading which isn’t terribly surprising. You can manipulate their data to your liking, too.

Without further ado:




  1. Jon Lester says:

    I’m sure you quickly noticed that the same handful of unemployable losers are still posting the majority of those comments at PI (and I’m not limiting that characterization to blue or red – Bernie is just as dumb as td and Centrist, and I’m not so sure about Auntie Christ, either).

    • rightofcenter says:

      The collective intelligence of the regular posters on that site wouldn’t equal the brainpower of my golden retriever. Your description of “the same handful of unemployable losers” pretty much sums it up, unfortunately.

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