Pre-Season Poll: UGA Ranked #12, GSU Ranked Somewhere

a20791c13d02336d5d3113_m[1]The South’s true religion (inter-collegiate varsity football) begins this month. 

How, you might ask, can we celebrate this annual extravaganza? With polls. Specifically the pre-season USA Today Coaches Poll! Wherein: UGA is ranked #12, Georgia State is first (when sorted worst to first) and Tech and Southern are not ranked.

Other takeaways: if you lose your bowl, your starting QB, don’t even play in your conference championship you will be ranked above a team that beat you and is returning almost all of its talent (Alabama #2 and Auburn #5), you can get ranked for being a worse team than you were last year when you were un-ranked (UNC) and despite having a great coach and good talent coming back, you can be un-ranked (Duke).

Watch out for Clemson. Yes they lost their offensive weapons but the Tigers are better at every position than they were last year. UGA is in for a rude surprise.

Oh, and your beloved Georgia State University Panthers start the Football Bowl Subdivision season on August 27 at the Georgia Dome against the Abilene Christian University whatevers. I will see you all there…


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