Morning Reads for Friday, August 1, 2014

– Southerners know breakfast.
Theodore “Dutch” Van Kirk, the last surviving crew member of the Enola Gay, passed away in Stone Mountain this week.
– More on the “Go Back Move Ahead” program.
– The tax free holiday is this weekend. If you don’t need anything from the mall, WalMart, etc., then stay away. Far, far away.
LATE BREAKINGEbola patient being airlifted to Emory.

Another Journolist?
Plumbing. Or something.
– Russians openly mocking POTUS on Twitter now.
– Just in time for all the scallywags and carpetbaggers coming home…
Spies and spying. Oh, and bragging about it.

Random Everywhere:
GDP up 4%.
– Is pet PDA safe?
Dude, what?
29 days ’til college football!



  1. saltycracker says:

    The 4% blip in GDP would be a Democrat good thing if the stats on unemployment, food stamps, Medicaid, disability filings, national debt and other public support programs take a significant drop.

    And a bad thing if it is used to demonstrate that the rich are getting richer and justification to raise the poverty and welfare definitions while adding to the national debt.

  2. RE: Rooskies mock Obama. After reading the comments (from FaceBook, of course!)…

    Today I learned that the GOP is now fully embracing communism by shrugging away the mockery, and pretty much defending the mockers as “yeah, that’s him!”

    I have never seen so many supporters of Biden, on the right! He should easily win election with 81% of the vote, so MANY of the GOP want him to be POTUS.

    Why, I have no clue. He’s like a Drunken Uncle – you never know what is going to come out of his mouth.

    Oh right…melatonin levels, curly hairas, big lippppps, Negro daughters etc. Silly me!

    In other news, Fake crisis averted, brown children streaming over borders and the GOP is on the run!

    In circles…

    Republican leaders in the House of Representatives were in disarray on Thursday after they were unable to secure the votes for a bill to provide the government with additional money to cope with the influx of unaccompanied children at the border and were forced to pull their own legislation in a dramatic last-minute move.

    The climbdown left Washington’s response to the border crisis in chaos, with overwhelmed border authorities at risk of running out of resources before the end of summer.

    After two months of fiery rhetoric about the urgent need to manage the surge in children arriving at the border, hire more immigration judges, bring in the National Guard and streamline the process of deporting undocumented migrants, lawmakers in Washington were facing the prospect of returning to their constituents having been unable even to give the impression of making progress.

    World news, folks. Y’all need to do better.

  3. Noway says:

    Regarding Ebola, “The CDC warned against travel to Guinea, Sierra Leone and Liberia.”
    However, “Patient with Ebola virus to be treated at Emory”
    So, let’s just bring Ebola to us! Yeah, that’s smart!
    Couldn’t whatever antibiotic cocktail be administered just as effectively OUTSIDE the U.S.?

    • Couldn’t whatever antibiotic cocktail be administered just as effectively OUTSIDE the U.S.?


      no. Antibiotics have no effect on virus

      “I shot a man in Reno just to watch him die.” – violent rap lyrics

          • Noway says:

            So, Dr. Jiff, why bring them both back to the US where there is a chance, albeit small, of spreading a catastrophically deadly disease that has, by your own vast medical knowledge, no treatment?

            • TheEiger says:

              Because they can receive the best possible treatment available here in the US and we may have a chance of figuring out how to cure it. Or I guess we could just let them die right.

              • Noway says:

                Oh, so there have been no efforts worldwide in the last 25 some odd years to “figure out how to cure it”? No American minds have tried to unlock that puzzle until this particular outbreak? Really? That has to be done here, right now, at Emory? Well, I’m glad they’re finally gonna try and try and cure this thing. (Eyeroll) If there is no cure and no treatment and there is a possibility of transmission of the disease, of which there is no cure and no treatment, and over 90% fatal, hell yes, let them die there.

                • TheEiger says:

                  Do you know what is currently at Emory and next door at the CDC? A lot of stuff that is contagious and can kill us all. I think you will be fine.

                  Go to Costco and buy the 2 year supply of freeze dried food and lock your doors. You will survive the ebola apocalypse.

                • Noway says:

                  Huh? I thought you said earlier (at 12:31) that there was no treatment, Jiff. Why not fly a fully equipped/staffed American medical team to the doc and his assistant to treat them there? Think of it as Doctors Without Borders on steroids.

    • gcp says:

      I say bring them both home. They are U.S. citizens and Emory can easily keep one in its containment facility. Chances of this disease spreading from a contained facility are highly unlikely.

  4. TheEiger says:

    Has Michelle Nunn come out with a stance on what is going on in Gaza? Seems like she has had plenty of time to come up with a well tested message to her potential Jewish donors. Does she support Israel’s right to protect itself or does she side with Hamas? I’m thinking that she will refuse to say anything because that’s what she does. Refuses to take a stance on any topic of importance.

    • That is a False Choice Fallacy, my Thirsty friend.

      Does she support Israel’s right to protect itself bomb Palestinian children or does she side with Hamas Palestinian children?

      You can’t just “think about the children” while simultaneously NOT thinking about the children!

      • TheEiger says:

        Hamas has decided to hide their rockets in schools and under hospitals. Hamas is the one that broke the last cease fire by kidnapping an Israeli solider. I guess the Israelis should just sit by as hundreds of rockets a week get thrown at them and pray none of those rockets hit their children.

        • Michael Silver says:

          I’d love for someone to ask her two questions:

          Question 1: What would you do if your neighbor across the street sits down on the balcony, puts his little boy on his lap and starts shooting machine gun fire into your nursery?

          Question 2: What would you do if your neighbor across the street digs a tunnel from his nursery to your nursery in order to blow up your home or in order to kidnap your family?

          These question should be asked of Sec. Kerry, Pres. Obama, UN Sec Gen Ban Moon and every other Hamas lover in power.

          The questions were stolen from the Atlantic and are from Amoz Oz

        • I’m going to need an unbiased source regarding your first allegation.

          Hamas kidnaps a soldier. Israelis murder a teenager and mortar to death 4 kids on a beach.

          Hamas does not have hundreds of rockets; that would be our staunch military ally Israel. Hamas is not Palestine. Hamas is an excuse to kill Palestinians. For many in israel, genocide is justified.

          Ironic, isn’t it?

          • TheEiger says:

            Does the Washington Post work for you?


            There is also amnesty international and Huffington Post



            Before you even come back with a stupid question of who is worst? The person who uses human shields or the person who bombs a place that has human shields? The answer is the people (Hamas) who put women in children in a place where they know they will be bombed because it will make for good headlines.

          • Michael Silver says:

            These are hypothetical questions. There was no mention of Hamas or the Arabs.

            Why are you uncomfortable answering them?

            Could it be that you’d have to answer them in a way that indicates Israel has every right and perhaps a duty to the rest of us to defeat Hamas, once and for all.

            Of course, that leads to the next uncomfortable fact: Under Michelle Nunn’s leadership, her organization sent money that likely flowed to Hamas and was used to build Hamas’ tunnels which they built for the sole purpose of capturing, torturing, and murdering Jews.

            In case you haven’t noticed, Israel has pretty good relations with Jordan and other Islamic countries and when left alone it leaves its neighbors alone, eg Lebanon and Syria.

            The irony to me is how up-side down the Obama world is. Hamas good. Israel bad. Illegal Aliens noble. Americans lazy. Welfare honorable. Being Employed horrible.

            • WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

              Good to see that you guys have these issues worked out to black and white absolutes when even many of Israel’s Jews also see the many shades of gray that exist with the many divisions in their country.

    • saltycracker says:

      We all have an opinion – mine has been if you want the reprisals and collateral damage to stop them don’t lob rockets into Israel and don’t tunnel in to do bad things to them. Obviously the Palestinians/Hamas have not martyred themselves and their children enough or lost enough turf to leave the Jews alone.

      Back to the interesting candidate question – what is Nunns position ? Gee I wish they could just get along ?

  5. Three Jack says:

    Crazy on the ballot in Cherokee –

    So Carolyn Cosby gathered enough valid signatures to overcome Georgia’s ridiculous ballot access provisions. Kudos to her for that accomplishment. Unfortunately her candidacy will likely be used as the reason to continue limited ballot access going forward as it is guaranteed to be a wacked campaign based on her past antics. 1 step forward, 2 steps back.

    • saltycracker says:

      She may not be an officer in the Canton Tea Party but she still pulls it strings and mail – love the email with a Capital WIN, A few more insane months for Cherokee to endure.

    • Raleigh says:

      I almost blew my Cheerios all over my monitor this morning reading her and The Canton Tea Parties “Press Release”

      ” Today, Carolyn Cosby, candidate for Chairman, Board of Commissioners, accepted the publicly announced nomination of the Board of Elections. The Board made the announcement at a special called emergency meeting confirming the campaign met and exceeded the required 5,982 signatures.”

      After the BS about the Board of Elections discriminating and conspiring to keep her off the ballot I’m sure they “Nominated” her.

      This is why we need a “None of the Above” on the ballot.

  6. Noway says:

    Ahhhh, don’t you just love Hamas? Just 90 minutes into this ceasefire, they pop out, rat-like, from a tunnel, detonate a suicide bomber and kidnap an Israeli. I tear up every time I think of the practitioners of The Religion of Peace.

    • The report includes the testimony of one NCO (non-commissioned officer): “A company commander with 100 soldiers under his command saw a woman walking down a road some distance away, but close enough that you could’ve gunned down whoever you identified … She was an elderly woman — whether she raised any suspicion, I don’t know. But what the officer did in the end was to put men on the roof and with the snipers bring her down. I felt it was simply murder in cold blood.”

      As presented in the report, Danny Zamir, head of the army prep-course, who compiled the transcript of the testimonies, intervened: “I don’t get it — why did he have her shot?” The soldier who witnessed the incident replied: “That what’s great in Gaza, you could say — you see someone walking down a track, not necessarily armed, and you can simply shoot them. In our case, it was an elderly woman. I didn’t see her with any weapon. The order was to bring the person down, that woman, ‘as soon as you sight her.’ There are always warnings, and there’s always the saying — ‘it could be a suicide bomber.’ What I felt was a lot of bloodthirstiness. Because, we weren’t in many engagements, our battalion was only involved in a very limited number of incidents with terrorists.”

      Ahhh don’t you love people who murder in the name of The Loving God™?

      • Noway says:

        Love your citation of a five year old news article, Jiff. Stellar research. The Hamas guy referred to TODAY crawled out of his spider tunnel and detonated himself. Care to defend that? Please, go ahead.

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