Spanish Language Radio Ad Targets David Perdue

A progressive group has launched a negative radio ad campaign against Republican Senate candidate David Perdue. The ad, running in Spanish and English, is aimed at Hispanic voters. According to a press release, it began running in metro Atlanta on Wednesday.

Here’s the English language version:

The Spanish language version of the ad is here.

The ad claims Perdue took advantage of employees while working in the private sector, and complains about his stance on immigration reform. This is the script:

The more I learn about Republican David Perdue the more scared I am and the more I realize that we need to be united on our vote against him this coming November.

Since working in the private sector, David Perdue has been exploiting workers.

And now as a candidate to the Senate, he wants to do the same: He wants to allow companies to send jobs abroad, where they pay salaries so low, they are ridiculous!

Here, he opposes an increase to the minimum wage but he agrees to raise taxes for workers!

And do you know what he says about immigration reform? That it’s a waste of time.

The Republican David Perdue does not fight for workers and won’t fight for us!

That’s why we have to unite and defend our jobs, our community, and vote against David Perdue and the Republicans!

The ad and campaign are notable for several reasons. The ad is one of the first, if not the first being run by a third-party group targeting Perdue in the general election. It is also likely the first time ad space is being purchased on Hispanic media in Georgia for a U.S. Senate race. The ad’s themes show the way the Republican Senate candidate will be portrayed through November: as an out of touch business executive who took advantage of his employees and who will do the same in the Senate.

According to Georgia’s Secretary of State, Hispanic voters made up less than 2% of Georgia’s electorate in 2012. While changing demographics and an effort by Democrats to register additional Hispanic voters may increase this percentage in 2014, this statement by UNO Georgia Managing Partner Anibal Torres sounds a bit optimistic.

“It is no surprise that national organizations and local campaigns are paying close attention to the importance of the Latino Vote….it has long been our view that Latino voters could tip the scale for democrats in this mid-term cycle.”

The success or failure of this ad campaign may not be measured by what happens in this year’s Senate race. Instead, it can be looked at as an attempt to influence the outcome of the election in November, 2016.

The ads are sponsored by People for the American Way, a 501C4 advocacy organization founded in 1981 by Norman Lear. They were brought to our attention via a press release from a group called UNO Georgia, whose chairman is Sam Zamarripa, a former Georgia State Senator and founding member of GALEO, the Georgia Association of Latino Elected Officials.


  1. John Konop says:


    Very good post! I agree this is about groundwork for the future….This demographic change is happening all over the country…..This should be a wake up call for the GOP.

  2. Three Jack says:

    So much for Nunn’s ‘Peach Pledge’ as her side is first in the 3rd party ad wars that are sure to make this race all about real issues.

    • Lea Thrace says:

      No one else took the pledge. Why should she tie her hands? Not worth it considering how much money is poured into this race.

      • Three Jack says:


        It was a disingenuous publicity stunt when she made the announcement which to me displays a lack of character. If she is so concerned about outside $$$$$, then she should lead by example. Instead she followed through on a plan that was included in the leaked campaign document to throw out the pledge knowing neither she or the GOPer would accept. Epic fail on Nunn’s part.

    • Ever heard of Ending Spending Action Fund? I’m sure if Perdue asks them to stop spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on TV ads against Nunn and they comply, PFAW will be glad to yank their ads.

    • ricstewart says:

      Many native Spanish speakers are proficient in English, but still prefer to listen to Spanish-language media.

  3. Bobloblaw says:

    One things that stands out is the lack of sophistication of both the ad and what the creators of the ad think of Hispanics.

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