Happy Birthday Jessica

Jessica, our front page contributor and keeper of the Liberty Drum is a year older today.  It’s been an eventful year, with her finishing grad school and briefly re-enacting the role of Eva Gabor when she moved to GA-12 for a stint on a Congressional campaign (only people my age or older will get that one).  We’re glad to have her back in the metro area, keeping our government officials on their toes and many unsuspecting speed trap merchants law enforcement officers entertained.  She’s also known to get up early and hit the gym, because she has to be in top shape to keep those mentioned above and everyone on her facebook page in check.  So, 5am posting time before she gets to Morning Reads.  Maybe.

She’s “unique” – in every way that word can be used positively.  We’re glad to have her with us, and wish her a great day and an awesome year ahead.  Y’all be kind and wish her a happy birthday too.


    • MattMD says:

      I get every movie channel known to man yet I still find myself watching MeTV or AntennaTV more than often. I then wonder why I’m paying Charter over $150/mo. Oh yeah, I’m rich! (well, not after some professional and student loans)

      Anyway, Happy Birthday!

  1. Will Durant says:

    Happy birthday Jessica.

    And Green Acres was Theater of the Absurd worthy of Pirandello.

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