Optimism for Post-Braves Use of Turner Field

An expert on stadia and urban planning says if there’s any city that could successfully convert Turner Field once the Braves leave, it is Atlanta.

Real estate giant Cushman & Wakefield spoke to Bruce Seaman, an economics professor at GSU who analyzed the impact of Turner Field and the Dome. He says Atlanta has a strong track record in large-scale redevelopment projects. 

“Any success in achieving viable mixed-use commercial, and further residential, development in that area can only be viewed as a very significant benefit to the City of Atlanta and the general downtown area,” Seaman said. “Atlanta has been generally quite successful using TAD (tax allocation district) funding arrangements (perhaps most notably related to Atlantic Station, and the Beltline), and that is an option for this area as well.

“[GSU’s proposal] is a very serious proposal, and the likelihood of a combination of privately funded housing and related services development along with the university combining public and private funding to further expand south of the main campus must be viewed as reasonably high.”


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  1. zedsmith says:

    The difference between Fort Mac and Turner field is pent up demand. With the braves gone, the stadium area becomes just a vast tract of land that happens to be right by two interstates, walking distance from a big job center and a university. Fort Mac is still a very nice gated community in a sea of post-industrial economic depression. I don’t think anybody really wants to fabricate a job center out of whole cloth down there. Honestly I think the tyler perry proposal is the best at present. Even though the marta access will mostly be wasted, a film studio can be paced up and moved in short order once the area around it improves to the point where a developer would be interested in going in and doing something different.

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