Georgia Supreme Court Nixes Chatham Elections Board Candidate’s Case

The appeal by Savannah’s James Hall to the Georgia Supreme Court over his candidacy for the Chatham County Elections Board has been dismissed on a technicality. Marcus Howard of the Savannah Morning News has the details:

In a one-page order in which all the justices concurred, the court said James Hall and his attorneys failed to follow the proper procedure for filing a discretionary appeal, which, as opposed to a direct appeal, the court may, but does not have to, consider.

The order was passed prior to the court’s August recess.

We first told you about Hall back in April, after the current Chatham County Elections Board decided he could not run for a Republican seat on the board because at the time, he was employed by the Savannah Police Department. After an appeal of that decision was denied by a Chatham County Superior Court judge, Hall and his lawyers, Josh Campbell and Josh McKoon, decided to appeal his case to the Georgia Supremes.

Hall and his attorneys plan to file a motion for reconsideration, arguing that because the constitutionality of the law the Elections Board used to deny his candidacy is being challenged, a direct appeal is proper. That motion is expected to be filed within the next ten days.