Mom Confronts Ray McBerry Over Modeling Photo Shoot

Randy Travis from Fox 5 out of Atlanta reported a story of a mom, Malena Gooch, who confronted two-time Republican gubernatorial candidate Ray McBerry over a modeling shoot of her 18 year-old daughter, Kayla Gooch:

“I took it she would be doing some local commercials in Henry County.” Malena Gooch told Fox 5 I-Team reporter Randy Travis

[The scheduler, Tara O’Neill,] messaged her big client was Ray McBerry, the owner of KBN television in McDonough. Kayla [Gooch] went by herself to meet at his office. She says McBerry suggested a modeling shoot at High Falls Park.

“I was kind of excited, you know, because mostly I’ve never modeled before, said Kayla. “So I was like, oh, this is going to be fun. This is going to be so cool. But it got kind of weird when he told me I couldn’t take anybody with me.”

You can view and read the story over at Fox 5’s website. Interestingly enough, a Professional Photographers of America spokesman told Fox 5 that it’s a good idea for a third person to be at a photo shoot if the model is a teenager, so caveat emptor and use good sense. The news channel also said that there is another 18 year-old with a similar story and will be reporting that later in the week.


  1. TheEiger says:

    I remember a lot people throwing Karen Handel under the bus in 2010 because she refused to appear on stage with this ass. Well, he is still out there on the prowl when he should be in jail.

  2. John Konop says:

    If the story was not bizarre enough….. if true this takes it to a new level of inappropriate behavior…..pretending to be a female modeling scout…….

    …………But guess who created Ray McBerry. So we tried to find Tara O’Neill. Girls of Dixie Modeling is not incorporated… has no clients, phone number or physical address listed on the site. In fact… the only employee named is Tara.

    In her complaint to McDonough police, Malena Gooch said “I’m 98 percent sure Tara O’Neill and Ray McBerry (are) the same person.”

    When the Fox 5 I-Team asked McBerry if he and Tara are the same person, he said no.

    “So how do you know Tara O’Neill,” Randy Travis asked. “She’s done scheduling for our, for my shoots for I don’t know, several years,” McBerry said.

    “Have you ever met her?”

    “Yes I have,” McBerry said.

    “What does she look like?”

    “I’m going in to do my appointment with my client,” McBerry said and refused to provide any way to contact the mysterious modeling agency talent scout………..

  3. drjay says:

    wasn’t there some yahoo on here a couple weeks ago parroting old mcberry themes, and saying he was proud to do so and that ray had been “exonerated” in some way an right all along? wonder where that cat is now?

  4. Doug Deal says:

    I’ve been watching Big Love on HBO Go and the appeal of this 46 year old child victimizer to these slack jawed inbreeds is eerily similar.

    I suspect these charges will do nothing more than circle their wagons ever more tightly.

  5. SingingLawyer says:

    McCreepy is a sexual predator who should be in jail. It probably won’t be long before he meets the business end of some irate father’s shotgun.

  6. TheEiger says:
  7. “Please Jesus, protect me from your followers.”

    Sheesh the Judge Judy Pitchfork crowd is out in full force tonight!

    1. If you want to keep potential teen lovers out of church, then abolish sunday school because that is where most predators wind up. Parents and Preacher, that should be all the contact a child needs from that mess of myth.

    2. This is a non story. The alleged fondling of a 13 year old was obviously not provable. Even a judge wrist slapped him because of the allegation.

    3. I have seen the posters in this forum gleefully dissect using the same vague and vitriolic judgements to two up and coming Republican House members this season. You did not learn the lesson of Kingston yet. People tire of politics as usual. Even more so, there is nothing political about this post. It’s what we call in Texas a Sh*t bucket, only good for holding smelly crap and drawing flies.

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