GAGOP Chair: Republicans Have a Pair of Job Creators at the Top of the Ticket

The Georgia GOP wasted no time before talking about its new Senate candidate, David Perdue, and noting the similarities between Perdue’s job creation record and the Governor’s record of job growth in the Peach State.

From a press release:

Georgia Governor Nathan Deal, Republican Senate nominee David Perdue, and Georgia Republican Party Chairman John Padgett gathered this morning at the GAGOP Headquarters in Buckhead to kick-off the General Election campaign.

“Having two proven job creators at the top of the ticket is a real asset for the Republican Party,” said GAGOP Chairman John Padgett. “David Perdue is a bold leader with a stellar record in business. We are confident in his ability to take on President Obama and Harry Reid’s handpicked candidate, Michelle Nunn, and look forward to working together in the trenches to ensure victory at the ballot box.”

“David and I have a lot in common,” said Governor Nathan Deal. “We are both the children of two public school teachers in the state of Georgia. Both of us grew up in middle Georgia. We know the values that Georgians hold.”

“I am excited about going to Washington to help fight some of the bad government policies that are keeping us from being all that we can be in this state,” said David Perdue. “My role in this campaign is to prosecute the failed record of this Democratic administration. I believe this economy is ready to bust out if we just take some common sense, free-enterprise principles and put them to bear.”

Clearly, there are differences in how the Democrats and Republicans view Perdue’s record in business. Discuss.


    • John Konop says:

      Cheap attack coming from a lawyer…..Business people do what they have to do to make a profit verse within the rules and laws….If the trade deals are bad for America….you still have to run your company based on best ROI for investors….not how you feel about an issue…Once you take investor money your job as an executive is to work on their best interest or it would be unethical.

      As a lawyer you do the same with clients….Your job is to give your client the best representation of no matter if you like the person, laws……Or otherwise it would be unethical for you to take the money and the system would fall a part.

    • Progressive Dem says:

      In Jun 2014, Georgia lost 9,500 jobs while 33 states added jobs, and Nathan deal is a “proven job creator.” But, hey let’s not let facts get in the way Chairman Padgett.

      • MattMD says:

        If a chief executive of a state actually “created jobs” wouldn’t that be big government?

      • Dave Bearse says:

        It’s more fantasy talk in the bubble.

        Jan 2011 unemployment rates:
        Georgia 10.1%
        US 9.1%
        Georgia +1.0%

        Current unemployment rates:
        Georgia 7.4%
        US 6.1%
        Georgia +1.3%

        Another four years of Deal job creation like the last four years, and Georgia’s unemployment rate will be 1.6% higher than the country at large.

        But hey, isn’t a high unemployment rate a favorable with respect to business friendly?

  1. John Konop says:

    I have never met David Perdue nor do I have anything to do with his campaign. As many of you know I was a big Karen supporter. With that said, I have also defended David Perdue on the nasty attacks on his business record.

    A few Points:

    1) The job of an executive is to deliver the best ROI for investors within the laws. The attacks on Mr. Perdue using any legal tools he had for his companies within the law demonstrates lack of understanding of how business works. A business executive must separate personal feelings verse what is in the best interest of investors, if not the system would fall apart. Would you really want an executive not to take advantage of tax breaks…..on your invested money for a personal political reason?

    2) With all the personal attacks in this election cycle I would really like to hear a well thought out issue oriented debates between Mr. Perdue vs. Nunn on pressing issues ie education, immigration, entitlement reform/budget, healthcare cost/budget, foreign policy/budget energy/infrastructure and ended War on Drugs.

    3) Can both focus on the above without claiming the other side is not an evil devil who is trying to destroy our country. At the end of the day both candidates have been successful people outside of the political world. Agree or not on policy, I do think they both want to do the right thing. BTW I have also never met nor have anything to do with the Nunn campaign.

    • We would not rush to defend someone who had made millions legally by running strip clubs or producing porn if they wanted to run for office. How they made their money is relevant – whether legally or not.

      To the extent that Perdue created jobs they were mostly created in China. While that may be good for Chinese workers and American shareholders, to the average Georgian looking to have a job created here, I would argue he doesn’t have much to contribute to the conversation. At Pillowtex his reign was an absolute disaster.

      As a CEO, David Perdue is Mitt Romney without the record of success.

        • No I’m saying he wasn’t a good CEO.

          He’s like the Dan Uggla of CEO’s. Some baseball players would probably make fine US Senators. Dan Uggla would need to run on more than just he’s a baseball player since he sucks at it.

          • John Konop says:


            David Perdue has a very solid résumé… may not like,agree….with him, but anyway you slice it this guy is very well respected in the business world. BTW as I said Nunn has a solid background in her field….it seems clear you are way more interested in spewing bs….than deal with issues….it is sad because you are a smart guy who does understands issues…..the system has way to many like you who would rather take cheap political shots…..

            • jiminga says:

              Perdue’s “resume” is littered with golden parachutes, not successes, and saying so is not a cheap shot. The truth sometimes stings.

      • Noway says:

        Speaking of demonizing what somebody legally does for a living, do yall remember Barr demonizing “liquor distributor” Roger Kahn? I say bring on those strip club owners!

      • Noway says:

        Chris, those jobs were taken overseas to make themselves more competitative in the marketplace by using cheaper labor. Our workers have taken themselves out of consideration because they cost too much. Pretty simple.

    • jiminga says:

      I have met Perdue, and am much more familiar with his record than the AJC and most others. Perdue is an elitist and only interested in looking out for #1. As a freshman senator he will have little impact because he has demonstrated little capacity to cooperate with others and has no relationships in DC. He may have trouble defeating Nunn.

      But then, none of this matters as he is the victor, hoping to be sent to DC for six years with no legislative experience at all. This is not the time for rookies.

      • Noway says:

        “This is not the time for rookies.”
        Didn’t Barr use almost those EXACT words when describing Loudermilk? Gimme a break!

  2. David C says:

    Nathan Deal is definitely a proven job creator: FBI agents, defense attorneys, members of the Deal family, Ethics Commission staffers….

  3. The Last Democrat in Georgia says:

    Closely associating Perdue with Deal’s currently troubled re-election campaign might not necessarily be the best strategic move by the GAGOP at this particular time.

  4. Left Turn Only says:

    Something – no, the whole thing – of the term “job creators” screams Animal Farm. War is Peace, etc. I usually mentally substitute “exploiter of the proletariat” for “job creator” and think I get the honest sense of the term.

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