GA Libertarians Say Olens’ Defense of Same-Sex Marriage Ban “Indefensible”

The Libertarian Party of Georgia slammed Attorney General Sam Olens’ brief in defense of Georgia’s ban on same-sex marriages.

Olens filed the brief on Tuesday. In April, class action lawsuit against the ban was filed by Lambda Legal.

In a press release, LPG chairman Doug Craig said:

“We believe marriage is a fundamental right retained by the people and that this right extends to same-sex couples. Our state constitution should be limited to restricting the powers of government – not the rights of the citizens. Attorney General Sam Olens’ defense of this ban is indefensible.”

The statement continued: “According to Craig, the popularity of any issue should never be used to limit or prohibit rights of a minority. Equal protection under the law is one of most basic rights we have as citizens. Government should not be involved in personal relationships.”


  1. Good for libertarians. Olens can’t catch a break lately. Probably a good lesson in not to run for an office you’re not really interested in from a party/ideology you don’t actually believe in.

  2. joejohns says:

    I am in love with a man and three women. All 5 of us are in love with each other. We wish together to become husbands and wives of each other. We have a fundamental right to marry whomever we want. However Georgia does not give us our fundamental right to a plural marriage. Can I count on support from LPG in getting Georgia to recognize plural marriage so that me and my boyfriend and my girlfriends can marry each other like we want to do?

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