DPG Chair: GA-Sen Contest is the Saint vs. the Greedy Capitalist

That’s certainly how I interpreted DuBose Porter’s comments about Tuesday’s election.

In a statement posted to the Democratic Party of Georgia’s website, Porter said:

“There is a clear contrast in this race between Michelle Nunn, a leader who has spent the last 25 years leading volunteer organizations and lifting communities up, and David Perdue, someone who has spent his career enriching himself while often times tearing companies and communities apart. Georgians want leaders who will fix the mess in Washington, not someone who puts personal profit ahead of regular people.”

I’m glad to see that cliches will be alive and well during this race.


  1. Jackster says:

    Good to know that Michelle Nunn hasn’t enriched herself off the backs of non profits, like the Clintons and environmentalists.

    I see two opportunists in the race, not a republican and a democrat.

  2. Michael Silver says:

    I suppose using taxpayer money to memorialize himself with grand edifices is different.

    Will Dubose Porter make the same comments during the Aug 9th State Democrat convention held at the Dubose Porter Convention Center in Dublin?

  3. TheEiger says:

    I would say we have a guy who is wishy washy on the issues and tries to have it both ways vs. a women who doesn’t even try to have a stance on the issues. She just says, “I ran a non-profit.” Who cares. I want Nunn to start answering how she will vote on the issues. The first being the Affordable Care Act.

  4. John Konop says:

    I had interesting conversation with some insiders in the know over lunch today about the election…..I asked them why is it that candidates today never really focus on real issues….it is all about hyper spewing of personal nasty stuff void of any real issue debate….

    They claim, that consultants tell the candidates that taking on issues will only hurt you with voters not help….And the personal stuff does not effect people who have real issues….Both agreed this is not a good long term strategy…..and advocated for politicians here to start taking on real issues…As the state becomes purple over red….the GOP needs to get used external battles verse internal party battles….I thought it was real food for thought!

    • Baker says:

      Voters don’t take the time to actually learn about issues, a great many at least. On BOTH sides. And since it’s so much easier to tear down rather than build up, why bother. That’s why Washington is such a mess. No one up there is willing to come up with a plan for anything because they know it’ll just get attacked by the other side and used as fodder in November.

      2 Things)

      1- The above is why you should give Paul Ryan props, don’t care who y’are.
      2- The above is why the Senate didn’t put together a real budget for 5 years.

      It’s sick.

  5. rightofcenter says:

    Who knew that Dubose was such an anti-capitalist? And I thought his newspaper business was a for-profit enterprise. Guess I was wrong.

    • Brother says:

      I see nothing wrong, inaccurate, or not previously disclosed, with anything Mr. Porter said in his statement. I suggest the group might wish to read it completely for themselves- it is short and to the point. There are clear distinctions between the two candidates and the party Mr. Porter represents. One party is for benefiting one’s self and friends (or investors if you will) and one that seeks to make things better for everyone. That said, pure party politics has got us where we are today. I would hope that Mr. Perdue, if elected would seek a middle ground with fellow legislators to bring about change that will benefit all the hard working people. I happen to believe that Ms. Nunn has the needs of those hard working people at heart. After all, who can afford to serve as volunteers in the NGO’s she has worked with. other than people that took the time and energy from their families, jobs, and resources

      I was happy to support Mr. Porter when he ran for Governor. He was the most honest, ethical legislator I have ever known. (Remember he challenged Tom Murphy as Speaker.) It is sad that he no longer represents his district to bring his sense of ethics and humility to that body, because, in my opinion, they surely need it.

      To repeat myself, there is nothing wrong, inaccurate, or not previously disclosed, with anything Mr. Porter said in his statement. Where would the state of Georgia be today fiscally, educationally, and above all else, ethically, had he been elected Governor four years ago?

      • Harry says:

        Tell me again, how much compensation has Ms. Nunn received as CEO of her nonprofit organization over the last few years.

        • Michael Silver says:

          Form 990 Compensation from Points of Light Foundation:

          2009 = $221K
          2010 = $298K
          2011 = 274K

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