#WeKnowNathan, Now On YouTube

The Whitfield County Democratic Party has uploaded a video continuing the mockery of the Georgia GOP’s hashtag of #WeKnowNathan.  I wrote about it last night and it would seem that the fun has continued into this morning.  I typically love the cattiness of antics like this (I’m a sick, sick individual), but I have to say that the music for this gives me the creeps.

The music is “Every Little Piece” from Pete’s Dragon, a Disney movie, but the song lyrics state, “We could make a million just slicing him, dicing him”. I’m all about callling for more ethics reform and bringing all necessary elements to be considered in the light of day, yet I will stop far short of cannabilism.

I would suggest Democrats do the same, and the GOP think long and hard before they attempt a social media campaign again.  This has probably done more harm than good for the Governor.


  1. Scott65 says:

    I think I could have done it better (the YouTube video in this post). Its really starting to look like Deal is going down. I know several republicans who cant even stomach him any longer, and my guess is they would probably not be as enthusiastic to get to the polls…which is a big problem for republicans in the Senate race. 3 months isnt a whole lot of time to try to tack back to the center after trying to convince everyone you are just a little to the right of Attila the Hun.
    Oh, and if cannibalism is the best criticism you can throw at it…and not the substance, I’d say it was fairly effective…of course I think the subtitles didn’t linger enough and the music choice was kinda off, although if you are reading the subtitles you really arent paying attention to the music

  2. xdog says:

    Every little bit helps the donks but imo it’s way too soon to start writing Deal’s obit. He should stay calm and concentrate on refilling his coffers. He should also avoid any social media more complex than email until he gets someone on board who knows how it works and how it doesn’t work. His first effort wasn’t just a failure but an embarrassing one.

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