Happy 2014 Runoff Election Night Open Thread

Happy 2014 Runoff Election Night! It’s finally over. Well, at least, the primary. Now we move towards the general election fun. Fearless Leader (Charlie, for those who may not know) will be on the teevee tonight. He’ll be on WXIA 11Alive for the metro Atlanta folks.  They’ll be livestreaming coverage here starting at 8, with Charlie appearing on their News at Ten with Melissa Long on WATL/36.

I’ll be watching from my hotel room in Columbia, SC, so sorry I can’t be with my fellow Georgians tonight.

Anyway, enjoy this primary runoff election OPEN THREAD


  1. saltycracker says:

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  2. Will Durant says:

    Happy 2014 Primary Runoff Election Night.

    Unless I miss my guess there are more runoffs to come in 2014.

    • cheapseats says:

      Both are morons but the Dem candidate is even worse. The people of GA and the USA are both losers in this election.

      • Jon Lester says:

        Dious accused the Clarke County Planning Commission of racism when it turned down his original plan for building a Dollar General, but I can tell you, from experience, that they’re equally abusive towards most developers.

  3. Bobloblaw says:

    is a recount likely?

    If the Senate race becomes a debacle, I think there will be pressure to keep anyone from running against Issackson in the 2016 Primary.

  4. Demonbeck says:

    Where is 11Alive getting their numbers? They are showing 70% reporting with fewer votes than the SoS site is showing at 50% reporting.

  5. xdog says:

    I just realized the clarityelections.com site displays Georgia election results as ‘A public service of Secretary of State Brian P. Kemp’. Thank you, Mr. Secretary.

    • Will Durant says:

      He personally picked up the tab? That should be “A public service of Georgia taxpayers as are the partisan primary elections for the Democratic and Republican parties.”

  6. xdog says:

    Hice leads by 4300, took home county Walton by 3100 and Barrow of 10 commandment fame by 1600.

    I’m trying to figure how long before Hice says something stupidly offensive about Michelle Nunn.

  7. Ellynn says:

    Unless he does something really dumb between now and November, Buddy Carter will be taking Jack Kingston’s place in GA-1

  8. Will Durant says:

    I’m not sure Vernon Jones had a chance in the first place but it appears “The MAN’s Man” flyer didn’t help. He is getting trounced 3-1.

    • Will Durant says:

      At least for now. Never say never but for tonight he may as well go seek some comfort at home.

  9. Rich says:

    It is poetic that Kingston is the loser. I believe the voters recognized that Perdue ran the least annoying ads.

    Down the road believe Nunn had better odds against Kingston though. Kingston had set himself as the villain and would have appeared moreso attacking a Nunn. Perdue comes across as more of a nice guy, so personalities will be balanced.

  10. George Chidi says:

    Vernon Jones losing — that was a given.

    Thaddeus Mayfield losing in the school board race in south DeKalb’s District 5 to Vickie Turner — that is legitimately surprising. The county establishment had been backing Mayfield, and he outspent her by six to one, easily, but he was also far more comfortable with charter schools than some people preferred. He is the sole Deal-appointee incumbent to lose a race. Turner operates a private school, but appears to be opposed to charters. That loss fundamentally changes the expected balance of board opinion on charter schools.

    Jim McMahan beat Karen Carter for board seat 4. McMahan is a charter school proponent. Michael Erwin clobbered Atticus LeBlanc. Erwin tends to have a nuanced view of charters but far less supportive than LeBlanc. The results leave a board with three members firmly supportive of charters, three opposed and Erwin as the closest thing to a swing vote.

    Turner staged a remarkable upset. It’s worth looking closer at how that happened.

  11. debbie0040 says:

    This year two ethically challenged, long time State Senators were defeated – Balfour and Murphy

    Jody Hice won decisively. I would say the attempt to reach out to Democrats to vote for Collins failed miserbly. Jody will do a great job . If he wins in November, Georgia will be represented by two preachers for Congress – Jody Hice and Doug Collins

    Barry Loudermilk won by a HUGE margin.

    Rep. Ellis Black won his State race by only 62 votes and outspent John Page 100-1

    Marty Harbin won the GOP Primary for the State Senate.

    Michael Williams defeated Jack Murphy

    Wes Cantrell handily beat Meagan Biello for State House. Meagan was heavily backed by House leadership..

    Kingston was upset by Perdue despite national conservatives lining up behind Kingston.

    Definite anti incumbent mood in Georgia that should worry Republicans because Republicans are the incumbents. Less hope issues matter more..

  12. Edward Lindsey says:

    Let me offer these perspectives from one of the candidates who learned a lot by coming up short this year.

    1. “Success has a thousand fathers but failure is an orphan.”

    2. One member of a coalition put together by a defeated candidate pointing the finger at another member of a coalition and saying, “they were the reason the candidate lost” just sounds silly.

    3. We spend a lot of time talking about it, but endorsements of candidates have a marginal impact at best. What matters then? See 6 below.

    4. Polling is worthless unless you can also predict the % turnout. This year’s turnout was a record low for recent elections and way off from what folks originally expected (See 7). Given that, an ouija board and tarot cards were just as effective.

    5. For all the faults folks have found in picking apart Jack Kingston campaign (See 1 above) — whom I endorsed (See 3 above) –, he almost pulled off a remarkable feat. He comes from an area of the state far removed from the population center of Georgia. He pulled together a remarkable coalition unheard of in recent years in our state (See 2 above). People that know him best, adore him as shown by the % of votes he got from the coast. He only lost by a few thousand votes. It takes guts to put your name on a ballot and your reputation on the line. We should not toss him aside. Instead, we need him and I hope he steps forward again in the future.

    6. Message matters. David Perdue — as well as Jody Hice and Barry Loudermilk — echoed exactly what the GOP voters want this year in their federal candidates. They all promised to take something fundamentally different to Washington — call it pitchforks and torches or mops and Clorox — and that is exactly what the voters who came out to vote (See 7) are demanding. You can disagree/agree with it but that is the mood we are in right now.

    7. Voter turnout was disturbing this year — 18% in the primary and only 12.5% in the runoff state wide and in many areas far below that. As Americans, we pride ourselves on being an example to the world on the value of democracy. Maybe it’s time for us to take a civics lesson from abroad. In war torn Afghanistan, with leaders far from perfect and with bombs going off all around them, the Afghan people defied the Taliban and stood in long lines to vote in their general election and runoff. See http://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/06/world/asia/afghanistan-voting.html?_r=2 and http://www.foxnews.com/world/2014/06/15/afhans-say-election-turnout-strong-50-killed-in-attacks/. Here in Georgia what is our excuse for our apathy? Mad at robocalls? Tired of negative ads? Turned off by volunteers knocking on the door? Not wanting to get wet in the rain? Well, we need to grow up. We face serious problems abroad, in Washington, under the Gold Dome in Atlanta, and in our own local communities. Nothing has ever been fixed by people who sat on the sidelines and refused to participate.

    8. And finally, the Rev. Peter Marty says, “Nothing has been more destructive to the Church, than those who believe they have the sole possession of the truth.” This applies doubly to politics. 🙂

    Edward Lindsey

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