Get Out and Vote. Barack Says So.

Judgeships are non-partisan races. Because candidates don’t have D or R beside their name, we suppose that it’s only as a public service that President Obama agreed to record this message for Fulton County Superior Court Judge Shelitha Robertson:

Seriously, though, the polls are open now, and will remain open until 7 PM. If you voted a partisan ballot in the May primary, you can vote the same party’s ballot in the runoff. If you didn’t vote, or voted a non-partisan ballot, you can choose either party ballot. There is no party registration in Georgia. Find your sample ballot, polling place and other bits of goodness here. There’s even an app for that.

Key races include the Georgia Republican Senate runoff, School Superintendent runoffs in both parties, congressional runoffs in the first, tenth and eleventh districts, State Senate races in Gwinnett and Forsyth counties, some House races, and the DeKalb Sheriff race between Snuggles and Jeff Mann. That race, by the way, is non-partisan.

Voter turnout today is generally expected to be light. Taking a look at the latest weather forecast, there’s a 60% chance of rain in Atlanta, and a 50% chance in Savannah. Will that make a difference? It’s up to you voters.

Results should start coming in around 8 tonight.

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