How Outside Is He?

He’s so much of an outsider, even his staff can’t spell his last name:


Consider this your last chance to point and laugh at the candidate of your choice before tomorrow’s runoff.



  1. gcp says:

    Main reasons folks endorse or vote for Kingston:

    Love the Kingston/Chambliss style of big government
    Follow an endorsement because voter is too ignorant to make his/her own decision
    Think Jack is a “nice guy”
    See that he leads in the poles and hope to have access to him after election

    Or any combination of the above

    • tribeca says:

      Main reasons to vote for Perdue:

      Love the Perdue/Chambliss style of big government
      Follow an endorsement because voter is too ignorant to make his/her own decision
      Think David is an “outsider”
      Saw him in those frozen chicken commercials and he seems like a nice guy

      Really, I fail to see any discernible difference between these two. It’s like a vote between 2% and 1% milk.

    • MattMD says:

      Are there still morons out there who think government will shrink if we elect one random Senator from some random state?

      Wet dreams aside, a large Federal government is here to stay.

    • Ken says:

      Or perhaps it’s Jack’s lifetime 96% ACU conservative rating;
      Or that they actually know what earmarks are and why they are used;
      Or perhaps it’s because no one in the Perdue camp can point to a single instance of David Perdue taking action to support a single conservative cause: not a speech, not a letter to the editor, not even the, dare I say it, licking of a single stamp . . . ever;
      Or perhaps they perceive the obvious hypocrisy of a candidate asking people to vote for him in a GOP general primary/runoff when he’s never voted in one himself in any state until he was on the ballot;
      Or at this point in our nation’s history they prefer the proven conservative over a man who has said a lot, attacked many other GOP candidates but whose positions are unclear and whose claim to be a conservative results in a resume with blanks.

  2. Michael Silver says:

    I’m sure the Chamber of Commerce Spell Checkers will make sure Kingston spells “Amnesty”and “Twenty Trillion” correctly and Khalid Satary will make sure Kingston doesn’t ever have to spell Israel.

  3. Bill Arp says:

    David may have had a chance to win if he was not related to sonny. The only thing he needs to know now is “Go Fish” ha! I am sure he is thanking sonny for the robo calls that tanked his chances of getting to 40 percent!!!! But you know the moniker ” sonny did”

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