Do You Know Nathan?

Because a lot of people are asserting they do, for better or worse. Today, the Georgia GOP in their infinite wisdom launched a social media push in support of Governor Deal with the hashtag of #WeKnowNathan. It would be cute if it didn’t go so tragically wrong.

First, think of hashtags like campaign signs: you don’t win elections or even change public opinion with them. They are used for name/subject recognition only. Second, twitter is a younger sourced social media option. Believe it or not, Facebook is being inundated with my parents’ generation (and even my grandparents’ generation), while twitter is being used by younger and younger folks. ICYMI, the younger generation also typically (but not always) leans left. Which leads me to my last rule: don’t use hashtags when you are trying to defend someone in the court of public opinion because EVERYONE has equal access to the conversation and it can change direction and go south….quickly.

Ask Robin Thicke.

The DPG Better Georgia has answered this push with a url wth the same name. Seriously, Republicans, did that thought not occur to you?


It’s a long way to November, y’all.  Thankfully, football season begins in 40 days and we can direct this aggression in more productive ways. Cluck femson.


  1. View from Brookhaven says:

    I raise a glass to Deal’s social media director…because you probably need it a lot more than me tonight.

  2. Doug Deal says:

    Because of the 8 or 9 people who might see either this on Twitter or the Web who haven’t already made up their mind, this is a real coup.

    Shouting into echo chambers is so boring.

    • #ThingsJohnMcCainSaid

      It’s more than just a botched hashtag, Doug. It shows how quickly information moves with social media, and the GAGOP simply isn’t equipped to compete. In a matter of hours, a positive media campaign was shut down before it even started, a counter website was purchased and loaded, a GOP email sent all of its readers to a site with negative information about their candidate, and Deal’s main website points to one tidy little spot that catalogues all his faults.

      Do you think most people who get the GOP newsletter are going to go to Twitter and find the #weknownathan feed? Nope, they’re going to go to The Google and search for “we know Nathan.” Confusion coupled with a page a negative facts is rarely beneficial to a campaign.

      Tom from MySpace applauds the GOP’s effort to leverage social media though 🙂

      • David C says:

        Exactly. Not only is your failed social media campaign a bust, it becomes its own process story, that then presents a ton of information out there that people redirect to other negatives about Deal, often presented with a kind of humor that can break through to people.

        Beyond that, it was just a moronic campaign to begin with. The candidate’s in the news for a whole host of ethics problems, doesn’t seem to have much of a positive agenda to speak of beyond saying “We’re #1 for business!” and your big new campaign message is “You know me.” Who the heck does that speak to outside an echo chamber? Unless you’re already inclined to trust him (and Jane Swingvoter reading the news probably isn’t), why would that convince you? It’s an awful message. Deal should be glad it barely lasted a day and some wasted money on a website and t-shirts.

  3. Scott65 says:

    …and the fact that you are even discussing it here shows how stupid it was. There must be thousands of stories out there about hijacked hashtags just like this. It just shows not only are they not equipped…they dont understand it either. Chalk another one up for Better Georgia.
    Negative facts are still facts. I’m starting to think Deal is toast, and he is going to take down the republican senate candidate as well (republican apathy at the polls). Its been a while since I’ve stopped by PP and even I am surprised by the apathy in the comments…shocked even.

    • xdog says:

      I agree about Better Georgia looking like a winner. For a guerrilla operation they’re doing OK.

  4. NoTeabagging says:

    @Scott. If enough people believe it… it is a fact. If the media reports it enough…it is a fact.
    That is all that matters these days in politics. Not just for campaigns but for legislation as well. Sell the biggest lie. Never tell the truth.

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