Kingston Sponsors Immigration Legislation, Graves Talks a Big Game

Congressman Jack Kingston sponsored legislation on Thursday that he hopes will solve the latest immigration crisis, namely the flood of children immigrants from Central America. Congressman Tom Graves said that he is backing two resolutions dealing with immigration.

In a press release, Kingston said the bill “is a combination of ensuring our national security, providing a humanitarian response, and applying common sense. It will end the chaos by sending the signal that illegal aliens from other countries will be treated the same as those from Canada and Mexico.” The bill is co-sponsored by John Carter (R-TX) and Robert Aderholt (R-AL).

Writing to his constituents on Wednesday, Cong. Graves blamed Obama, then said the two resolutions he supports would provide for “expedited” deportation of unaccompanied children and force the Obama administration to say how many immigrants are crossing the border and where they are being detained.


  1. gcp says:

    Agree with grifter Graves on this one. We don’t know much about where they are housed and how many have been processed.

    Last week channels 2 and 5 profiled two teenagers flown to Atlanta to be reunited with their father who spoke no English. It was unclear who paid for the flight or who insures they will report for deportation hearings. My suggestion is they be housed at southwest military bases such as Bliss, Sill, Hood until their expedited hearings.

  2. Trey A. says:

    More from the Kingston release:

    The legislation amends the 2008 William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Act and provides for the expedited removal of Unaccompanied Alien Children (UAC) who are not legitimate victims of human trafficking or have credible fears of returning to their country. This legislation:

    • Removes the distinction between Canadian/Mexican UACs and UACs from non-border countries, like Guatemala, Honduras, and El Salvador.
    • Requires immigration enforcement officials to investigate the people taking custody of the children inside the United States who are often here illegally and have sent thousands of dollars to criminal smuggling organizations.
    • Allows officials to hold UACs while their claim is being heard, rather than released throughout the country at taxpayer expense.
    • Reaffirms that taxpayers will not pay for lawyers to represent illegal immigrants.

    So, basically, the chair of the appropriations subcommittee for Health and Human Services wants to hold UACs (at enormous taxpayer expense) while their claims are being heard, rather than release them until adjudication. Also, he wants to make sure that these children don’t have access to legal assistance (which is usually needed to ascertain weather unaccompanied minors are in fact victims of human trafficking or have credible fears of returning to their countries)… Really?? This is the “solution”?? Not that I’d expect anything other than another “kick the can down the road” response to a crisis from members of this current Congress.

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