Sick of the GA Run-Offs? Wait ’til September…

Anticipating a “September Surprise” when (Un)ACA premiums are announced for 2015, the Obama White House is already strategizing. Gird your loins and unplug your TV.

Aware that state insurance rate hikes could give Republicans a chance to resurrect Obamacare as a political liability just weeks before the midterms, the White House’s internal health care enrollment outreach apparatus immediately redirected into a rapid-response, blocking-and-tackling research and press operation geared toward preempting GOP attacks on the issue.

In what aides say is a sign of a changed approach within the White House — but also heightened concerns around the midterms — they’re even coordinating with Hill Democrats, funneling localized background analysis and talking points to each state’s delegation through Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-Nev.), House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer’s Senate Democratic Policy and Communications Committee. They’ve also relied on California Rep. Henry Waxman’s staff at the Energy and Commerce Committee to produce rebuttal reports, often in advance, on GOP claims about insurance.

This new front (dare I call it an offensive?) in the fine American political tradition of uttering trashing your opponent will make this week’s Democrat coordinated attack in the Governor’s race look like a go-cart race.


  1. I’m glad to see the Obama white house try to get in front of something for once, but I think second year rate shocks will be just the latest Republican fantasy about Obamacare’s imminent demise to not come to fruition.

    • Dave Bearse says:

      The GOP’s track record on Obamacare:

      Rates will be astronomical, but they weren’t.
      People won’t sign up, and if they do, they won’t pay their premiums. Many signed up and most all paid.
      More people will lose coverage cancelled by Obamacare than gain it, except that the number of uninsured dropped.
      Young people not signing up will initiate a death spiral, they did and the spiral didn’t happen.

      “September Surprise?” Remember, those words are coming out of the same mouths of the economy expects they knew the stimulus would result in crushing rampant inflation by 2012.

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