Masterful Press Release: Loudermilk Edition

Bravo Zulu to Barry Loudermilk’s Communications Director, Dan McLagan. This presser had me rolling with laughter. Can every press release be like this?

I especially like “Bob in a clown suit” and the mention to the changing hair color. That was indeed a shocker at the Cobb Breakfast that morning.

Life on Planet Bob Has Loudermilk Campaign “Flummoxed”

Cassville, GA – The campaign of Former State Senator Barry Loudermilk today admitted that it has been “flummoxed” by Bob Barr’s doubtlessly genius campaign and admitted that Bob may have stumbled on to a weakness in the political system.That weakness?  The violation of the previously assumed necessity of saying things that are either passably truthful, or at least consistent with each other.

“We’re flummoxed,” Loudermilk spokesman, Dan McLagan, said.  “We never know if it will be liberal Bob, conservative Bob, open-borders Bob or Bob in a clown suit, that shows up from minute to minute.  Even his hair color has changed during the campaign, and in a most unnatural and creepy way.”

Recent examples of what life is like on “Planet Bob” include:

Attacking Palin and Supporting…The Huffington Post?

A Twitter rant attacking conservative former Governor Sarah Palin one time per minute for four minutes, then touting a link to the super-liberal Huffington Post, which did a piece Bob liked (Huffpo for Bob?).  In fairness, the article was also hyped by “Weed Watch” magazine who, in an apparent rebuttal to arguments about marijuana leading to memory loss, remembers Barr taking a lobbying gig for the pro-pot Marijuana Policy Project (MPP).

Holder and Barr Dealt into the Race-Card Game Together

Calling Barry a racist (usually the final act of a failing campaign) while Eric Holder – who Bob recommended and wrote a glowing recommendation for as Attorney General – was once again on television equating lack of support for President Obama as racist, and while staying silent as his Cobb County co-chair, Max Bacon, attacked a school board member with an ethnic slur, saying in a recent speech:

“I’m just disappointed in Tim. If he’s not man enough to come talk to me, and he has to go through her, Angelucci, that does concern me more than anything now. What’s that woman’s name? Angelucci? I don’t like arguing with Polacks.” [SOURCE: ]

Saying about Bacon the following, when he made him campaign co-chair:

“Mayor Bacon is well-known as a man of character and integrity, as well as an innovator and leader in Cobb County. He is one of the most successful Mayors in Georgia, and someone who understands fiscal responsibility. I am honored to have Mayor Bacon as a leader on my campaign team,” [SOURCE: ]

Bacon remains Bob’s Co-Chair.

Barry Supports… Nancy Pelosi?  Really?

Bob alleged in at the final debate and in an attack mailer that fouled the postal system yesterday, that Barry somehow supports Nancy Pelosi.  Here is what Barry actually said; you decide if it equals support.

“The Democrats got Obamacare passed because Nancy Pelosi was willing to sacrifice her speakership for a cause. They achieved something historically unprecedented by doing that. No one wanted Obamacare. I think we’ve got to have leadership that is willing to do those types of things to start turning the nation around.”  [SOURCE: MDJ, 7/5/2014]

You Have to Support House Leadership Because it’s Good for the District, But if it’s Bad For Bob, Attack them Instead

Attacking Barry for not promising to vote for Boehner for Speaker of the House because having leadership mad at you could hurt Georgia, while Bob attacks the new House Majority Leader for supporting Barry.

Aww Heck, Just Attack Everybody

Just this week, Bob has attacked leading conservatives like Erick Erickson, Glenn Beck, Karen Handel, Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy and Constitutional Scholar David Barton.

Bob Explains

Maybe Bob explained it best in the campaign’s final debate on Saturday when questioned about serial flip-flops on crucial issues like border security, gay marriage, and even being a Republican:

“I believe that we should never be afraid simply by some ‘artificial consistency’ that you keep talking about, to not go back and revisit laws that Congress has passed and President has signed.” [Source: GPB Debate, 7/13/2014]


  1. This was the height of being unprofessional. Is this what we can expect should Loudermilk be elected? Barr’s multiple tweets were terrible, but… and actual press release with this garbage?

    I early voted for Barr and felt remorse after the Tweet. Now I’m back to feeling like I made the right decision.

    “I’ll see your moronic tweet and raise you a moronic press release.” Ridiculous. And yet the GOP couldn’t get behind Tricia? Both of these guys are complete morons.

    • Patrick Mayer says:

      It’s called humor… albeit a little “acid-tongued”, it’s still pretty funny.

      It’s also a great way to show the hypocrisy of the Barr campaign that has been consistently asking voters to both laud and ignore his history… depending on the decade in question.

      I guess the real question is… while reading “this garbage” did you get the points of the press release and actually look at them through an objective lens, or did you just have an emotional reaction because you had voted for the person it eviscerated and you felt the sting of buyer’s remorse once again?

      • As an informed voter (and yeah, you’ll likely have a fun comment to that phrase), I was already well-versed on everything in it. Just a rehashing. As I’ve written before, I didn’t enthusiastically vote for Barr. I just couldn’t support Loudermilk as my representative. Before you ask why – I think Barry’s heart is in the right place, so I’m not interested in slamming him on a public forum.

        Whoever wins…. I’m still not going to feel well-represented :/

  2. Bill Arp says:

    Bridgett, if you voted for Barr you may want to consider the adage “those who live in glass houses should not throw stones, ” because by telling us you voted for him, you confirmed that your a moron as well. I don’t understand how bob Barr is even taken seriously. Every state has one weirdo in office….and they get heard….we already have our weirdo in Hank Johnson……we don’t need another one named boob Barr .

      • ahder says:

        But you just vote for who is most liberal. I am looking at your past comments and this one sticks out, “I am voting for Perdue so Nunn will win”.

        • Patrick Mayer says:

          Hi. I’m not sure where you get the “But you just vote for who is most liberal”, but you are way off base.

          Bridget is unfortunately one of the many people that have been burnt by the GAGOP primaries more than once. The candidates that she supported (minus Barr) have been good people. People that she put a ton of emotional capital into. Unfortunately she has come to the jaded stage of politics due to the disappointment that many people have felt after the last three cycles of primaries.

          We all get through it. She will too.

  3. Jon Lester says:

    I doubt if many people eligible to vote the Republican ballot in GA-11 are singularly motivated by marijuana decriminalization, but maybe Barr can do more good with the MPP, because I don’t see a House vote on the issue happening in the next two years.

  4. Three Jack says:

    “Masterful” press release, not really. Typical crap from McLagan.

    Damn shame we as voters are left to choose between these two candidates as representative of one of the more conservative / affluent districts in this country. Even worse, we will likely be stuck with the winner for at least the next 10 years if not longer.

    • Patrick Mayer says:

      Actually, with the changing demographics of the area, 10 years would have probably only been an option if Tricia had been elected.

      Barry might make it 3 cycles… Barr might make it 3… but that 2016 presidential race might be calling him as a libertarian again…

      • Three Jack says:

        Maybe Patrick, but there will be a redistricting 6-8 yrs out that could continue the stale, pale male dominance of the area. IMHO Barry will be a lifer, Barr too for that matter since he has no other income option.

    • MattMD says:

      I agree, I could throw a rock and it would land in this district but I’m somewhat glad I don’t have to choose between those two.

  5. greencracker says:

    Meh, the release is kind of amusing for the pitch of sarcasm… but as a press release, it’s supposed to make the press report something. I don’t know as it did.

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