Conspiracy Update: Holly LaBerge’s Lawyers Raise Money for Jason Carter, so do Nathan Deal’s


In the previous post, Erick correctly pointed out that the lawyer that represents Holly LeBerge (Lee Parks) works at a firm that is hosting a fundraiser for Jason Carter. It has recently come to light that Nathan Deal’s personal lawyer (Randy Evans) works at a firm that has given nearly 20k to Jason Carter, that’s nearly TEN TIMES as much as Park’s firm. I don’t think it requires much speculation to reach the conclusion that Nathan Deal is behind this plan to sully his own name by first, probably committing ethics violations, second,  maybe attempting to  improperly pressure Government employees to dispose of said violations, and third: encouraging his lawyer to raise money for Jason Carter. It certainly seems to be working.



  1. MattMD says:

    Erickson lost it around the time he got a show on WSB. Those fumes on I-75 must be taking their toll.

      • Will Durant says:

        As opposed to the duplicitous, mercenary, double-dealing nature of the politicians they represent?

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