Alisha Thomas Morgan Calls Fort a “Bully”; Isn’t Switching Parties

Democratic School Superintendent hopeful Alisha Thomas Morgan is not at all happy with Vincent Fort. He was “reminded” that “there are many people” who think she will switch to the GOP because she supports school choice. 

If the “thoughts” from “many people” seem risible on face value it’s because they are. However, she still posted a reply on Facebook yesterday. A friend forwarded me a screenshot (I’m not FB friends with her so I don’t have access to her post).

She said:

“This is shameful. Fort knows this isn’t the truth. I am a proud Democrat and have a longstanding record that demonstrates as such. He can’t ever say these things to my face just to his friends in the media. Perhaps his energy hating me could be better spent trying to improve education. He and the candidate he supports have no ideas to improve education , just lies misinformation and fear mongering. That’s the approach that has kept Georgia in the bottom in Education and Democrats in the minority. I’m about helping kids and leading with the courage to stand up to bullies like him. Let’s move our state forward and leave these ignorant tactics behind.

Just my humble opinion but if you are running to be the state’s top education chief you shouldn’t make up proper nouns.


  1. Dr. Monica Henson says:

    Alisha is correct. Fort’s tactic is tantamount to the GOP “He’s a liberal!” “No, HE’S a liberal!” stuff all over the teevee (I’m talking to you, Mr. Kingston and Mr. Perdue).

    Democrats are better than that. At least, we should be.

  2. GOPundit says:

    Say what you will about the composition of her Facebook post, I think we can agree with her argument. If the Democrats want to have a legitimate shot at taking back a constitutional office they need the strongest candidate for that office, who in my opinion is Alisha Morgan. A majority of voters in our state support school choice and fielding a candidate who doesn’t is a poor choice.

    • benevolus says:

      If following the “majority of voters” is the basic qualification for office then we’re not really looking for leaders, we’re looking for followers.

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