Palin Jumps Into Two Georgia Congressional Races, Angering Bob Barr.

The Peach Pundit Tip Line received word this morning that former Alaska Governor and erstwhile VP Nominee Sarah Palin has endorsed both Bob Johnson in CD1 and Barry Loudermilk in CD11.

From Johnson’s press release:

“Dr. Bob Johnson is one doctor we need in the House! Americans are tired of career politicians who make empty promises during campaigns, only to get to Washington to advance their own careers. Dr. Bob is in this campaign with a servant’s heart. As a 26-year Army veteran, a Christian medical missionary, and a surgeon, his life’s work has centered on serving country and neighbors. We need more like him in office. Dr. Bob is a conservative who will work to repeal Obamacare and balance the budget, and he has signed the pledge to self-limit the time he’ll spend in Washington. His campaign is propelled by the good Georgia grassroots. Let’s send Dr. Bob to the House on July 22nd!”

From Loudermilk’s press release:

“Barry Loudermilk has a proven record of conservatism in the Georgia General Assembly, one that I hope he can bring to the weak-kneed in the halls of Congress. Barry is an Air Force veteran, small business owner, father, grandfather, and husband who met his beautiful wife in the great state of Alaska many summers ago,” said Governor Palin. “Barry will take his strong work ethic, life experiences, and conservative principles to Washington where he will join the fight to restore our great nation and use the Constitution as his guide. Please join me in supporting Barry Loudermilk for U.S. Congress on July 22nd.”

Not everyone was excited about the news of these Palin endorsements. Loudermilk’s competitor Bob Barr took to Twitter to make sure people knew that Karen Handel has not won every race in which she’s competed. Of course neither has President, err, Congressman, no wait, just two time loser Bob Barr.



  1. Three Jack says:

    ‘two time loser’ – hmmm, how many times has Barr lost since his last win? Once for congress, second for president.

      • Three Jack says:

        I remember Buzz. I supported Barr then and plan to vote for him this time, but disparaging Karen as a ‘two time loser’ is a bit much. He could have just ignored it as most do these days when Palin’s PR people send out something under her name. Or he could have noted her abysmal endorsement track record of late all over the country. Really stupid on his part and/or that of his campaign team.

      • Michael Silver says:

        Actually, he lost 4 times … Bob ran and lost in 84 when he ran for the house …. and Bobb ran and lost in 92 when he ran for the Senate. Plus the two losses indicated above.

      • Noway says:

        LOL! You remember his “workhorse v showhorse” commercial? How badly was he trounced by Linder?

          • Noway says:

            I don’t think so. If memory serves, Barr had this commercial with a regular ol farm horse working, perhaps pulling a wagon or plow and then there was this other horse, supposedly representing Linder, all dolled up like something out of The Electric Horseman. The bit was funny but ultimately a loser!

            • LoyaltyIsMyHonor says:

              Ah I vaguely remember that now, but he must have stolen the slogan from Busbee:

              The head of the state Democratic Party, Bobby Kahn, said Busbee was a favorite among state Democrats and worked for successive candidates as recently as 2002. “His slogan was, ‘A workhorse, not a showhorse,’ and that’s how he was,” Kahn said. “He … believed in a strong party.”


        • Three Jack says:


          You should have been there in Canton for a Barr campaign stop when Yosemite Sam showed up a few days after Barr fired that gun in somebody’s house. The Linder folks were definitely creative.

          • Noway says:

            LOL! Bottom line is that if your opponent can make people laugh at you, you’ll lose every time!

  2. MattMD says:

    Why does anybody care what this woman thinks?

    I randomly saw Game Change yesterday and I was thinking to myself: was Palin really this stupid? Then I dialed up some You Tube videos. Yes, she really is a moron and disgraced McCain’s legacy.

    Again, why does she get press?

    • Holden Caulfield says:

      To quote a wise man, she gets press because “she really is a moron and disgraced McCain’s legacy.”

      See: Jersey Shore, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, etc.

    • WeymanCWannamakerJr says:

      Probably not that much longer. SarahPAC isn’t bringing in what it once did and even RealityTV rejected her.

  3. Charlie says:

    Let me help the Barr people understand why this is so stupid, since Bob is too busy “knowing a scoundrel when he sees one” to seek professional help:

    2014 May 20th Primary Results, by County

    Bartow: Handel 20.77% Barr 17.73%
    Cherokee: Handel 29.89% Barr 26.66%
    Cobb: Handel 29.32% Barr 28.53%
    Fulton: Handel 40.01% Barr 20.90%

    Let’s not even add that in the US Senate race there were five major candidates and in GA-11 there were only four.

    In every county where they had overlap, Handel outperformed Barr. And Barr’s team is dumb enough to attack her. It’s not cheering for Georgia in the wrong bowl game, but it’s close enough.

    Keep on digging folks, y’all have almost got the hole dug.

    • Salmo says:

      Yeah, that was my thought. He needs every vote he can get. Why piss off the large supporter base of someone who is only linked to this endorsement by secondary means? There are plenty of articles out there showing Palin’s iffy record of endorsement wins that he could have linked…instead for some odd reason he decided to target Handel? I mean, I’m not a big fan of her but I don’t see why that was necessary.

      It almost seems like he’s afraid he might win and get stuck in Congress so he’s decided to sabotage his campaign.

  4. John Konop says:

    I live in Cherokee county and it is true Karen has a strong base of support here. Second, Barry Loudermilk ground game has been amazing….the guy has people everywhere. Third, must of the people I know think Barry will win, but in a run off who knows…..Forth. Barry did not need Palin endorsement to win in my opinion. It seems like Palin is getting more out it than Barry. Finally, what was Bob thinking throwing a likable, local, popular, candidate ( Karen) under the bus because of this endorsement? I have met Bob few times, thought he was a bright guy, and had interesting opinions on various issues. This sounds like something that would be in the movie grumpy old men….

    Grumpy Old Men – Trailer

  5. Noway says:

    Agree with the consensus, just plain stupid. Stick a fork in Barr, he’s done. Barry by 10.

  6. Noway says:

    I was actually thinking about about voting for Barr on Tuesday, too. He’s was my rep many times after he beat Darden. His comment was unnecessary and offers no strategic value whatsoever. It just shows that he’s a d**k! One more vote for Barry here.

  7. Ellynn says:

    I’m wondering how some one wayyyyyy over in Alaska knows enough about either of these races to even back one person over another… oh wait, she doesn’t.

    Let’s just hope when I walk into my housee on next Monday night HER voice isn’t back on my voice mail or I’ll have to sprinkle holy water on it again…

  8. Jane says:

    Dr. Johnson claims to be pro life and I do not question that. However he took 5k from the American Congress of Ob/Gyn`s Pac. This organization advocates against the kind of Pro life legislation that Dr. Johnson claims to support.

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