Opposition Growing to Proposed Fulton County Tax

Fulton County had the audacity to propose plugging a $50-million budget gap with a tax increase, the first of its kind in 23 years.

Well, Fultonians are not happy.

Opposition started with Scarlet.

In yesterday’s paper, The AJC reported that some residents are considering moving from FulCo due to the increase, coming at the same time home prices are rising and properties are reassessed at higher values.

The General Assembly is likely none-too-happy with Fulton’s proposal, what with it being “illegal.” No less an authority on Fulton County governance than John Eaves says the county will win its potential legal fight with the state.

For its part, Fulton seems to get how unpopular the proposal is. The Board of Commissioners approved funding for an ad to promote the tax hike. 


  1. saltycracker says:

    Yawn – Fulton folks will hang in there or be replaced by those choosing and can afford (or are subsidized) to live there. Any of the new cities significantly lower the overall property taxes ?

    If property taxes (particularly school portion) were so important in Fulton or DeKalb the migration of seniors to Cobb, Cherokee or Forsyth would have been headlines for the past 15 years. The interesting news is those 3 counties, preferred by seniors, are also better in public school quality.

  2. CJBear71 says:

    Has anyone noticed Gwinnett County is raising taxes by 8% this year or do people only care about Fulton? Cobb County is also raising taxes but by a minor amount.

  3. Trey A. says:

    I guess I picked the right neighborhood. I’m a homeowner in Fulton, served by good schools and my assessed property value went down this year. The key, apparently: move near the trains.

  4. James Fannin says:

    Fulton County Commissioners should recognize that a vote for a tax increase is a vote for Milton County.

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