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  1. MattMD says:

    I have to agree about libertarianism, it just isn’t a coherent governing philosophy. Like any third party, some of it’s ideas can be incorporated into those of a major party and then the luster is lost. Anybody who has one foot in the reality pool knows that the horse left the barn a long time ago with respect to a strong Federal government. That issue was settled around the time of the New Deal or at the very least around the early 20th century. In all honestly, I would be ecstatic if we are able to avoid turning this country into a Police state.

    Sometimes I think people call themselves libertarians as a cop-out so they don’t have to acknowledge the shenanigans and failures going on in their own party. They can distance themselves by saying “Oh no, I’m a libertarian”. Bill Maher and Neal Boortz come to mind, although I think Boortz backed off during the “War on Terror” hysteria. Oh yeah, and Bob Barr.

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