Governor’s Office On LaBerge Claims

From Deputy Chief of Staff Brian Robinson:

“The release of the memo about a 2-year-old phone conversation backs up what we have said all along: We were granted no favors by the commission or its staff and had to fight our case tenaciously. The governor’s legal team advocated strongly for its client. Regardless, conversations with the executive director proved irrelevant because some parts of the case did not settle with the staff and were instead litigated before the commission. After hearing arguments from Gov. Deal’s lawyers, and the commission staff and its lawyers, the commission dismissed the complaints.


“The fact that it took two years, stiff legal bills and a file full of negotiations with our attorneys to dismiss baseless claims shows that we were aggressively scrutinized, and our case won on its merits. Contrary to the suggestions otherwise, there was no free ride; instead, Gov. Deal prevailed on the merits in a hotly litigated case over the opposition, not the cooperation, of the commission staff.”

The referenced memo is here courtesy of the AJC.


  1. AlanHolmes1 says:

    Good to see you all at the Peach Pundit have provided us a thorough, detailed account of this latest revelation lol. Maybe you should actually draft an article next time as opposed to regurgitating a statement from a Deal staffer.

    • Charlie says:

      Hi Alan, thanks for your first and only comment on Peach Pundit.

      If you’ll note, I not only posted this, but the post before it, and the post after.

      The post after this one required filing an open records request, getting it back, and trying to detail what was in the attorney’s letter. In the mean time, I’ve spent about half the day juggling phone calls with various people trying to be able to put together a “thorough, detailed account” of a major story that will affect Georgia Politics for a long time to come.

      In the mean time, I managed to burn dinner, blow off several calls from my family, and have otherwise ignored most of the outside world for the past few hours.

      Sorry if hearing directly from the governor’s office offends you. We’ll be sure to send you a full refund. Jackass.

  2. South Fulton Guy says:

    Folks knew what they were dealing with when then chose Nathan Deal over Karen Handel in the gubernatorial primary. They chose the good old boy with the backing of the congressional establishment instead of Handel who had the audacity to campaign on ethics. Is it really now shocking that there is a trail of ethical challenges with our governor? You reap what you sow or vote for…

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