Tim Bryant Disavows Hice Robocall – Updated

Tim Bryant of WGAU Athens is a friend of Peach Pundit, and a Facebook friend of mine.  Tim doesn’t endorse candidates.  But a Jody Hice robocall seems to indicate otherwise.  As such, Tim has taken to Facebook to make it clear that he doesn’t do endorsements, and that he’s not too pleased with the Hice campaign implying otherwise:

Some of you are getting robocalls for the Jody Hice for Congress campaign, calls which feature my voice. Let me be clear: I am NOT endorsing Jody Hice. Nor, for that matter, am I endorsing Mike Collins. I do not endorse. I am sorry for those of you who are being subjected to those calls; I prefer that listeners seek out my voice rather than have it thrust upon them. I had nothing to do with it, and I will now explore options (if there are any) for making it stop.

Jody Hice is a Baptist minister being marketed as the “true Christian” candidate.  For those buying into this meme, please help me understand how deceit falls into your biblical philosophy.

In the mean time, Tim has followed up saying he’s been advised by the Hice campaign that they will stop making these calls.

:: Updated ::

The robocall that was sent out by the Hice campaign:

:: Updated by Jon ::

Jody Hice appeared on Tim Bryant’s program Monday morning to discuss the robocall and the mailer that was the origin of the controversy.

In addition to Bryant’s accepting the 10th District candidate’s apology, Hice disclaimed any responsibility for the mailer that was apparently mailed to some Democrats in the 10th district. While saying he had no idea who did the mailer, he also indicated the campaign was taking it seriously, going so far as requesting a list of voters who pulled Democratic ballots in the Primary and retaining legal counsel.

You can listen to the conversation between Tim Bryant and Jody Hice below.



  1. debbie0040 says:

    What don’t you ask the Collins campaign about deceit ?

    Have you actually listened to the robo call? Did the robo call state Tim Bryant endorsed Hice or did it simply play what Tim said on air ? Don’t think that is deceit and I don’t believe for a minute that the Hice campaign would engage in deceit.

    • Charlie says:

      So we’re going with the Old Testament “Eye for an Eye” instead of the New Testament “Turn the Other Cheek”?

      Really, I need to understand which type of theocracy we’re setting up here.

      Seriously Debbie. Back away from the keyboard for a while. It will do us all some good. As for me, I’m going to go have a Saturday evening. I suggest you do the same.

    • c_murrayiii says:

      I’m not saying it is deceit, but it is dirty: In 2010 the Hice campaign set two signs in my grandparents yard intentionally covering up the sign my grandparents intended to have in their yard. So, I wouldn’t be so quick to defend Mr. Hice and his campaign’s integrity.

  2. Jon Lester says:

    Tim didn’t stay Facebook friends with me long, after adding me (on his own initiative) ahead of my event for Dr. Rad last December. Still, I don’t want Jody Hice to win, either, because it’s a foregone conclusion that the winner of the runoff will also win in November. I keep forgetting the name of the only Democrat in the race for GA-10, but what I do remember about the guy is that he was quick to accuse the Clarke County Planning Commission of racism, when the truth is, they’re equally abusive to all would-be developers.

  3. xdog says:

    Ken Dious is the donk candidate in the 10th.

    Debbie, which candidate put out the ad that offended Bryant so much that he had them taken down?

    • debbie0040 says:

      xdog, didn’t realize Dems liked the policies of big business and the Chamber of Commerce so much that they vote for their candidates that will be puppets of the chamber and big business.. Go figure. You learn something everyday

      • xdog says:

        debbie, I see you dodged my question.

        It’s true most people learn something everyday but there are exceptions. In fact some people never learn anything. Go figure.

  4. debbie0040 says:

    I would love to understand how this call was deceitful . IT NEVER AT ANY TIME implied that Tim Bryant endorsed Hice. Big thanks to Charlie for actually posting the call. Erick Erickson used what Tim said. This was a very accurate call. It is fair game letting voters know that Obama Democrats want Mike Collins to win the GOP Primary. And it is fair game going after Collins for these tactics. You guys really don’t get how disgusted people are nationwide with what went on in Mississippi. And now this.

    #RememberMississippi #Rememberthe10th

    I spoke to one of the campaign staff for Mike Collins Friday. He claimed the Collins campaign was not involved. I then asked him about 3rd party surrogates and he was silent. I told him that if Mike truly wasn’t involved nor his surrogates then he should immediately send out a press release denouncing the attempt by Obama Democrats trying to influence the race and to clearly state that he nor anyone associated with the campaign directly or indirectly had any involvement with this and that he would be a strong fighter against Obama’s bad policies. . Hasn’t been done yet to my knowledge.

    • Debbie,

      This isn’t #RememberTheAlamo.

      The rage and demands of “thou shalt do [this], candidate, or I will rain down holy fire and brimstone” is officially background noise and working against the TEA Party movement. No one will be sending reinforcements – people on both sides of the aisle agree that Hice is a horrible candidate to represent us in Congress. The soldiers at the Alamo unnecessarily martyred themselves because they wouldn’t look at the big picture.

      Live to fight another battle and Let. This. One. Go.

      • debbie0040 says:

        Not going to let this one go. You are not tea party Bridget nor are you conservative. This is war ..

        Federal Election Law was violated as well as Georgia law. But I guess you think that is ok as long as it supports your position..

          • debbie0040 says:

            Conservatives are at war with establishment moderate Republicans.

            Do you approve of the fact his mailer violated federal law?

            • Three Jack says:

              “Conservatives are at war with establishment moderate Republicans.”

              And you are leading ‘conservatives’? Please define the ‘conservative’ beliefs of your army Debbie. It is really difficult to keep up with who fits your definition at a given moment.

  5. I don’t live in the district and am not invested in either candidate…. however, I helped run GOP campaigns for over 20 years and I have owned a radio station. All the Hice campaign did was take a radio news actuality and use it… that call never implied that Tim Bryant endorsed or supported Hice. What they did was not illegal nor was it unethical. I am completely baffled by the uproar… except that the people causing the uproar support Hice’s opponent Mike Collins.

      • It is settled case law that is legal to use excerpts of TV newscasts, radio broadcasts, newspaper articles, etc. That’s why you see John Stewart run a clip from Fox News, or Fox run a clip from MSNBC, or Rush Limbaugh run a clip from a newscast, or a candidate run a paragraph from a newspaper on his campaign mailer. It’s referred to as “fair use”. I say that using the Bryant clip falls under the definition of fair use.

  6. Joseph says:

    Even if it doesn’t say “Tim Bryant endorses so and so” – the use of this clip in this call implies he does.

    Also – there could be a legal issue here if the Campaign did not seek permission from Tim and/or Cox Media depending on how they give notice of copyright usage of their broadcasts. I assume Tim will let it go, but is something of which campaigns must be careful. Although… it is complicated by the fact that Fearless Leader (Erick) is introducing the clip, since he is part of the Cox universe.

    • It is settled case law that is legal to use excerpts of TV newscasts, radio broadcasts, newspaper articles, etc. That’s why you see John Stewart run a clip from Fox News, or Fox run a clip from MSNBC, or Rush Limbaugh run a clip from a newscast, or a candidate run a paragraph from a newspaper on his campaign mailer. It’s referred to as “fair use”. I say that using the Bryant clip falls under the definition of fair use.

  7. debbie0040 says:

    I think a much bigger issue is that the mail piece is a clear violation of Federal Election law.. a Criminal investigation should be done…

  8. tribeca says:

    I’m confused as to why someone like Debbie is so willing to fall on her sword for Jody Hice. I mean, are his “conservative bona fides” really more important than his retrograde attitudes toward gays, women, and Muslims? All the talk about “expanding the tent” and the Tea Party not being racist/homophobic/misogynistic/etc. seems rather bogus when they’re so willing to stand behind a lunatic like Hice.

    For the record, I am actively encouraging my Republican friends, my independent friends, and even my Democrat friends to vote against Hice in the runoff. If you want to file that lawsuit, all I can say is “come at me, bro.”

    Also, it’s entirely plausible Hice sent out the mailer in question. Sure, he doesn’t strike me as bright enough to understand reverse psychology, but someone in his campaign HQ has figured out that the easiest way to drum up votes is to trick gullible people into thinking the evil “Obama democrats” are trying to get Collins elected.

    • c_murrayiii says:

      +1, to understand how out of touch these folks are, all you really have to do is look at the people they are willing to pledge themselves too. People like Hice, Paul Broun, Akin, and Cuccinelli in VA. And they turned on Rubio at the drop of a hat because he actually wants to fix our immigration issues.

  9. debbie0040 says:

    Did not come from Hice campaign but I had a Collins paid staff member use almost those exact words to me. Hmm Tribeca

    We aren’t letting go of this. So you can tell your Collins campaign friends to get ready

    • tribeca says:

      Don’t have Collins campaign friends, but I’ll invent some and then tell those imaginary people to get ready. Maybe I’ll even fill out some absentee ballots on their imaginary behalf. (OMG CONTROVERSY! ALERTZ THA MEDIAZ!”)

      The point I’m making, that you’re flippantly dismissing, is that the only ones that stand to benefit from a mailer to Democrats is the Hice campaign. No Dem would send this out because, frankly, I don’t think they care enough. Collins has no motivation to send it because he’d be harmed by any backlash arising from its public release. Hice, however, can anonymously send out this “mailer,” cry foul, and use it as a fundraising opportunity. I think there’s some plausibility to that argument… much more plausibility than can be dismissed by a random lady on the Internet saying “nope, didn’t happen.”

      • c_murrayiii says:

        Bingo. I hope there is a REAL investigation, because I believe the scenario you just laid out is the most plausible.

        • debbie0040 says:

          Oh there’s gonna be a real investigation. This isn’t just a violation of Georgia Law. It is a violation of Federal Election Law..That elevates the punishment substantially..

          Hice was not involved. Whoever sent this did not expect it to come to light because it was only sent to Democrats. Do you actually believe Hice would have alerted Democrats? What would he have gained by sending only to Democrats?

            • debbie0040 says:

              Sure you do tribeca, you are trying to deflect the blame away from the true culprit.

              Time will reveal all. So you are saying Hice is so stupid he sent the mail piece to the wrong voters. At a point where campaigns need all the cash they can, Hice spent precious money to send a mail piece to Dem voters letting them know they can vote in the GOP Primary and included statements he made ten years ago that he thought would incite them to vote for his opponent.

              For real ?

              • c_murrayiii says:

                I think Hice’s campaign sent the pieces to Democrats because they wanted to create a fake “Mississippi” comparison to rile up fringe conservatives. Hice wouldn’t send it to Republicans because it might remind them how nutty he is. But sending it to Dems, knowing it will leak eventually, either a) allows them to cry “Mississippi” and cast doubt on Collins (which you prove is happening) and/or 2) create an excuse for after Hice loses (its cause Dems crossed over).

                What I do find hard to believe is that the Collins camp would violate Federal law reaching out to Dems so soon after all the outcry amongst conservatives over Cochran’s win. Collins and his people are not stupid either, and I would be shocked if they made such a catastrophic error as to sending out a flyer like this so soon after the Mississippi situation.

      • debbie0040 says:

        Not buying it for a moment tribeca. I knew from the very beginning the Dems didn’t send it nor the Hice campaign. The outrage is because I strongly believe someone affiliated either directly or indirectly associated with the Collins campaign did this. If Democrats did sent it, then it is easily spun to backfire on them by asking Republican voters if they want Obama Democrats picking the nominee. Heck if it were the Dems idea at least they would sending a message it is ok to vote Republican. Would be harder for them to keep talking about evil, racist Republicans.That was not an issue. The issue is that I believe someone that wanted Collins to win came up with using the strategy Cochran and company used in Mississippi. Probably some lower level person that saw their chance to make in the big leagues and move ahead.

        The mail piece trashed conservatism and those that have Christian beliefs. It was an attack on religion and conservatism to get elected. Considering the fact Paul Broun received 69% of the vote in GOP Primary, a big majority of Republicans in the 10th also hold those same beliefs. I am a preachers kid and I listened to my Dad preach many times the very same points mentioned in the illegal mail piece and he is not racist. There are many African American preachers that preach the same points. Yes I listened to many African American preachers growing up. My Dad would many times hold joint services with African American churches.

        Nice attempt at deflection but it won’t work. whoever is responsible for this violation Federal Election Law and should face punishment.
        Here is why:

        1. Whoever sent the flyer was not expecting the illegal mail piece to come to light. It was just sent to those that voted in the Democratic primary.

        2. If the Hice campaign had been responsible for it, he would have sent it to Republican voters. The last thing he would want to do is to encourage African American Democrats to vote in the GOP Primary. He would know they would vote against him. Hice is extremely intelligent.

        3. If Democrats had been responsible for the mail piece, they would have put the name of the group proudly. If they had money to send out the mail piece, they would be well aware of election law.

        4. I don’t believe some of the points used in the mail piece would be what the Dems would have used-not in Georgia. The Dems wouldn’t have used the one talking about the 1st Amendment. The Dems would have included something about rolling back food stamps and taking away ObamaCare. Something fiscal in nature. The mail piece would have included the part about Gays because that was one of the target audience..

        This mail piece is only going to get bigger and it won’t go away.

        • tribeca says:

          I just… I can’t… I don’t even.

          The mail piece didn’t trash conservatism, it quoted Hice verbatim on beliefs that are significantly outside the mainstream of tolerant, rational, American thought. The only way the flyer attacked “conservatism” and “Christianity” is if you define “conservatism” and “Christianity” as supporting (1) the denial of equal rights/opportunity for women; (2) the denial of First Amendment protection to Islam; and (3) outright homophobia. I’m pretty sure my God loves all of His children and doesn’t think homosexuality is an apples to apples equivalent of beastiality. I’m pretty sure He thinks women can run for office or hold any job they darn well please, and they don’t need their husband’s permission to do so. I’m pretty sure He made the Muslims and that He’s the same God they worship and love.

          That’s great that 69% of voters in the GOP primary supported Broun. It tells me that we need all the moderates, independents, Democrats, and generally competent thinkers to dilute the apparently massive voting block that thinks Muslims are trying to sneak over the Mexican border, gay people don’t deserve equal rights because a man loving a man is the equivalent of a man having deranged intercourse with a box turtle, that a “limited government” should tell people what they can and can’t do in their personal lives, and that the Sweet Dear Baby Jesus (TM) came down from his cloud in 1776 and whispered the Declaration of Independence into Thomas Jefferson’s ear.

          1. Pretty sure whoever sent the flyer realizes that nothing stays private in the modern campaign. They knew this would get out, especially since they sent it to Tim Bryant’s wife. Athens/Oconee is a small place, people knew sending it to the Bryant household would insure it got onto WGAU.

          2. I debate whether anyone in talk radio can ever be “extremely intelligent.” Joking aside, sending the flyer to Republicans doesn’t serve the narrative because it allows the media to quickly debunk the whole “Obummer and his communist cronies are trying to rig the election” argument. You can’t cry about Democrats rigging the process if you can’t prove Democrats are getting the flyer.

          3. You’re right, the Dems would have put their name on it. Just cause it ain’t the Dems don’t mean it’s automatically Collins. Plus, why do the Dems want Collins to win? Sure the district is gerrymandered so that Dious stands no chance, but playing loops of Hice’s crazy talk is fundraising gold for the Democratic Party on a state and national level.

          *Side note, just learned Dious was the first black football player at UGA? That is freaking awesome. He has my vote regardless of how this primary turns out. Go DAWGS!!!

          4. If Hice were sending out a subversive letter to create some publicity and controversy, he’d probably all of those points, as you noted, they are “attacks” on conservatism and “trash” religion and allow him to craft horror story about how the Obummer is underwriting a campaign to silence him and his true Christian beliefs.

          You are right when you say that the mail piece is only going to get bigger and it won’t go away. That’s because you, Hice and the army of socially-awkward teenagers that continually call me aren’t going to let it go away since it’s a boon to the campaign coffers and indicative of tea party “street cred.”

          Again, I don’t know why you’re going out of your way to advocate for this guy. He’s a bigot, a misogynist, a xenophobe, a racist, and a fool.

          • debbie0040 says:

            Because I don’t like the tactics I believe the Collins campaign is responsible for and it is clear Collins is a pawn of the establishment and Chamber..

            You do realize this is now a national issue right? You guys made it so easy.. And you violated Federal Law. You do understand the resources the feds have to investigate right?

            • tribeca says:

              1) Not affiliated with anyone, particularly Collins. Just a person who doesn’t want his home district being repp’d by a bigger dummy than the current dummy.

              2) It’s not a national issue, just like Mississippi isn’t a national issue. The vast majority of people see all this rage for what it is… the Tea Party being super upset that they lost and trying to blame away bad candidates and bad policies on some subversive black Democratic voting machine. I realize the resources the Federal government has. I also realize the priorities the Federal government has and an intra-party squabble in a non-competitive Congressional district probably a’int worth their type. Also you may want to consider the optics for a moment: when the feds get a report that says “a whole bunch of white people in Georgia are really upset that black people are trying to vote” they don’t step in on the side of the white folk.

              • debbie0040 says:

                I am not upset that black people are going to vote in the primary. That mail piece was targeted at Democrats, period. You incorrectly assume that all Obama Democrats are African American. That is absolutely not not true. All Democrats are Obama Democrats because Obama as President is the presumed leader of the Democratic Party. Just like Republican Presidents are. I am upset because I believe a campaign operative pretended to be a Democrat and sent the mail piece in violation of both state and Federal election law. You sent a mail piece that violated election law and you guys tried to frame the Democrats for it.. I believe someone associated with the Collins campaign trashed Christian beliefs and conservatives in order to get elected and reached out to those that more than likely already voted in the Democrat Primary to violate the law and vote in the GOP runoff.. I believe that someone affiliated with the Collins campaign knew they could not win with Republican voters so they trashed conservatives and Christian beliefs and turned to Obama Democrats to win the GOP Primary. They stooped to the some of the same dirty tricks used in Mississippi. Hey, even in Mississippi they knew what the election law said in regard to campaign communication.. That is also wrong. It is a mini version of what happened in Mississippi and could have an impact on the entire GA GOP ticket in November.

                The mail piece is a clear cut violation of both Federal and Georgia Election law. No gray area.

                You should be welcoming an investigation instead of trying to talk us out of it. People from the district will be requesting it. I think if Collins wins the GOP Primary that the Georgia Dems would love to have a story out before November about an investigation of the campaign of a GOP Nominee. You won’t talk us out of it…

        • Salmo says:

          “Not buying it for a moment tribeca. I knew from the very beginning the Dems didn’t send it nor the Hice campaign.”

          How so? Are you working for the Hice campaign?

          Methinks the lady doth protest too much.

  10. Noway says:

    Does anyone really thing the feds are gonna come down with the thunder of Thor on whoever did send out this piece? Don’t they have bigger fish to fry than a dink mail piece send out by whatever stupid goober did this?

    We respondents here on PP have put more effort in reading and responding to this over the last two days than the feds ever will, I assure you!

  11. debbie0040 says:

    It is also a violation of Georgia law. The complaint would go to the FEC . The FEC Chairmen are Republicans and Democrats.

  12. NoTeabagging says:

    I am amazed. Year after year, millions are spent by candidates (and PACS and cloak and dagger operatives) to trash each other in media ads and campaigns. By my count, Republicans typically bash each other more viciously and more frequently.

    Are we really supposed to consider these people as legislative leaders? Do we really want these petty, schoolyard bully, miscreants in office? Can anyone expect them to “work together”, especially within their own party. after their character assassination campaigns?

  13. Bloodhound says:

    I heard Tim Bryant make this statement live on the radio last week and thought to myself, “WOW! Tim basically just endorsed Hice! THAT will make a great campaign ad!”

    Now Bryant is upset because his comments were used? If he didn’t want the public to hear his thoughts on the issue he should not have stepped up to the “Blow Torch” and let it roll.

  14. tribeca says:

    Uh oh, Debbie. Looks like other people are wishing up to the reality that Hice is the most logical perpetrator…


    The money quote:
    “Cochran’s tactic worked, but it outraged tea partiers to such an extent that it makes more sense for Hice to have sent those letters so he could attack Collins than for Collins to try to drum up Democratic votes. And Hice—who’s stooped to attacking Collins’ father Mac, a former congressman—seems desperate enough to pull such a stunt.
    The letter doesn’t say who paid for it. If it were Democrats, they’d probably own up to it, as they did when they backed Regina Quick over then-state Rep. Doug McKillip in a GOP showdown last year. Then again, there was no Democrat in that race; this time, Ken Dious will face the Hice-Collins winner in November, making it unlikely Democrats would get involved. In fact, Hice would be easier to beat, although Dious stands virtually no chance either way.”

  15. debbie0040 says:

    That is an anti conservative site and anti Hice. The only ones I see being stupid enough to use that theory are establishment hacks and Collins paid staff. The first time I heard that I was speaking Friday to Brandon with the Collins campaign.

    So you really believe that Hice was so stupid that he sent absentee ballot applications and mail pieces to only Democrat voters asking them to vote against himself in the GOP runoff and list quotes that were 10 years old and taken out of context ? You really think people will buy that? If Hice had been responsible, wouldn’t it have been more effective if it was sent to Republicans?

    I plan on being at the debate Wednesday so it should be very interesting…

    • tribeca says:

      Le sigh.

      I’m not suggesting Hice sent the mailers because he actually wanted or expected Dems to vote for Collins. I’m suggesting that he sent out the mailers it manufacture outrage and “frame” Collins.

      Do you honestly believe Collins is dumb enough to go “hey that Cochran thing had 0 negative repercussions, let’s try it here!! Surely word will never get out if we send a copy to Tim Bryant’s house!” The ONLY person who would stand to benefit here is Hice. The risk of blowback is way too high for this to make any sense as a Collins tactic.

      For Dems, Hice is easier to beat on account if the fact he’s an abhorrent human being. Even if Hice wins the whole shebang, he’s fundraising gold because they know he’ll say horribly insensitive things that can be packaged into DCCC adds and run all over MSNBC, Daily Show, etc. his backwards views on gay rights and women will play really well as Clinton, Warren, Cuomo etc. start parading around during primary season.

      Hice, meanwhile, is already using the incident on the campaign trail and in fundraising requests because it makes him look better in the eyes of a GOP primary voters.

      A little logic goes a long way….

      I too look forward to the Wednesday debate, maybe Hice will remember what the Constitution says or if he’ll be able to ID specific spending cuts he’d make.

  16. debbie0040 says:

    Collins needs to remember the Constitution.

    Collins did not think the mail pieces would be made public. He though conservatives wouldn’t find out. Hice would have sent the mail pieces to Democrats. He would have sent them to Republicans. Would only benefit Collins.

    Maybe Collins will remember if he would have voted for the debt ceiling increase. His staffers really need to learn manners and how not to verbally attack a preacher by using profanity.

    Are you paid staff for Collins?

    • Charlie says:

      You mean the one that applies equally to everyone that practices a religion that Hice agrees with?

      Seriously, Debbie, this mode is beneath you.

    • Lea Thrace says:


      I used to be open to at least reading/listening to your thoughts on different subjects but I must tell you that has seriously changed recently after the last several days. Your hysterics and hyperbole along with boastful empty threats are just too much to take. I am writing you off as someone rational. I doubt I am alone. My advice to you is to bring it down several thousand notches before you lose the ears of other people…

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